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  1. KENO: 25,163,718,760 placed by Heya on 29/06/2020 Wagered 0.00004100 Multiplier 48x Profit 0.00192700 KENO: 25,164,054,391 placed by Heya on 29/06/2020 Wagered 0.00004000 Multiplier 48x Profit 0.00188000 KENO: 25,164,214,949 placed by Heya on 29/06/2020 Wagered 0.00004000 Multiplier 270x Profit 0.01076000 KENO: 25,341,432,689 placed by Heya on 02/07/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 270x Profit 0.00026900
  2. I descovere stake by my friend in prime dice.
  3. I have no pc so i can't do this right now but i will try it when i will be rich from playing here.
  4. Thank you for donating to the needy. This is one of the best gambling sites. And I have a request that you guys should also donate to the needy. It will be good for our country. Thanks bojana
  5. Here is a lot of people who had a lot of profit by gambling. Because they know that when I have to stop betting.
  6. I have a best strategy for dice lovers. I play on 9x,13% increase on loss and basebet 5 satoshi if you have bankroll 0.05 you can try this strategy .
  7. I am new here so I do not know much. As far as I heard that slots is better than keno.
  8. Heya


    He does not tell you to play by depositing. It is right when you want to play, win and withdraw. But when the fund remains, I feel like playing. so keep patience if you have. Thanks
  9. Im in gambling from 4 months,if you think to quit stake than you are looser.play like it's your last, never give up. play big win big and enjoy 😁