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  2. brothernero Lucky colur: green aka sherwood Good luck everyone ❤️
  3. brothernero Lucky colour: magenta or black and yellow because dusan said it in twitch chat Good luck everyone ❤️
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  7. brothernero Good luck everyone ❤️ Lucky colour: Milrive
  8. 1. Brothernero 2. On workdays I'm online somewhere between 6 to 8 hours on days off usually more. 3. Most importantly a moderator makes sure that the chat rules provided by stake are followed by every player. This includes taking necessary actions against users that do not follow them like warnings and mutes. A moderator also ensures that the general attitude in chat is positve and every player feels welcome, regardless of personal preference and VIP status. He/she also helps with questions from players as good as possible or redirects them to sources that can answer the question e.g. live support. 4. I'd like to become a moderator for the german chat, because we have a yet small but great and friendly community and with it growing everyday, due to new players joining, I think that a second moderator is required to make sure that the german communitiy continues to be friendly and awesome. 5. no 6. No, but since I have been working in a land based casino as a dealer for almost 5 years now, I know the gambling "industry" from both sides, which will definitley help me in understanding players and their problems and concerns.
  9. brothernero lucky colour: teal Good luck everyone ❤️ and thanks steve for being active on stream and creating the bonus drops.
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