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  1. missyy


    much appreciated dear.. see ya
  2. awesome suggestion... if i use mobile, i just often play coz its hard to back read. pause chat will help specially to mobile user like me.. 😊
  3. same pinch.. glad to see u in forum... good luck to us...
  4. will have an eye to the replies here. i was interested on plinko strats sinc i often get .2 and ends to bustπŸ˜₯
  5. missyy


    well, lets enjoy.. have fun to both of us😊😊
  6. so far so good. i was enjoying stake. even i often bust, well its part of gambling 😊😊 good luck to all of us
  7. missyy


    warm welcome... much appreciated 😍😍
  8. missyy


    my stake account was more than a month old already. i always forgot to create account here. but i was inspired by a friend πŸ˜…so i started forum. much appreciated the warm welcome 🀩🀩
  9. i am new user here too. glad to have friend to talk in chat room see ya there.
  10. it started all in other site. i meet a friend there, but he slowly left that site. that friend use to roam on other sites and he/she always want me to get what he get till he/she found me stake and i came with that friend here. i am totally new in crypto world. and that friend, he/she patiently teach me everything.. im happy i found stake 🀩
  11. missyy


    much appreciated sir rade. im not that familliar here but im exploring forum. looking forward for more activities.πŸ‘