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  1. If you want to take centralized coins into account, compare it with visa and mastercard then. The block size limit is a major issue in bitcoin that we will not see a scaling that could allow millions of transactions, the developers are trying with third layer and only time will tell how successful that can be.
  2. Personally i would take a long break rather than further testing my luck. When i started gambling and started winning i had the confidence to win further even when you bust big but eventually you will understand that is just a dream
  3. My username is derived from my daughters name while i was playing in primedice and most of the gambling sites i registered during that period and when i came to stake someone used that and hence i had to add another XX .
  4. Hopefully you reached the limit you are looking for. Welcome to stake and most of the time the chat is insanely fast as you would miss anything meaningful most of the time . Having a further upper limit according to the amount wages on a monthly wages would be great .
  5. Dogs are more loyal than humans but i would not want a lovely dog but i prefer a watch dog if i get one again in the future, i had these pets 25 years ago and i am not a fan of owning one to show off.
  6. When it comes to use case ETH is a different animal altogether but when it comes to transaction speed and charges LTC is far far better than ETH and lets see how things will change in ETH when they roll out ETH 2.0 as they always promise better performance but until i can experience them it is just speculation.
  7. This will be the dumbest decision you can make in your life, picking random shit coins to invest will end up in trouble. There are thousands of shit coins in the market and if you have basic coding skills anyone can come up with a coin or token and you need to be careful what you wish for.
  8. When you are paying and having these encounters you need to get the best one to enjoy rather than some old vintage one to focus your mind on another while releasing .
  9. i am not a big roller in stake as of yet but i have heard from some of the members that there is a limit for upper bet if you win a certain amount. i would like to hear from the team regarding these as it will give a clarity for everyone.
  10. I started crypto gambling with dice back with PD and the reason was it was easy and any noob could do
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