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  1. I am with you on this ... it can be so frustrating! I myself was muted yesterday for complaining about chat freezes and the resulting missed out rains ! it was turned into me crying about rains. lol, been muted .. for god knows how long and now reading your experience i really begin to wonder what the heck is going on up there. Why is it so hard to remain humble once you got into a position of power ?
  2. I complain about chat freeze .. that results in people missing out on promised rains. I kept my side of the bargain .. wager 1000$ in the past 7 Days .. now , it rains on 3 people while i (and others i might mention) are left out .. wondering. Anyway, if i may ask with all due respect , how long will this mute last exactly ? also i do not need to turn anyone against the support team .. as far as i can tell, everyone agrees with me,they just to scared to come forward. I play the martyr here , basically taking the fall and learn this lesson the hard way! Do not mes with The best
  3. There is no point in going through all this again .. and you are wrong again! [chat freezes, that doesn't affect your rains since everything is random, and frozen chat or not, rains are distributed.] Thats the whole point you doesn't seem to understand .. i am in chat , i was chatting just a moment ago .. also i wagered 1000$ in the past 7 days , ...now , without me knowing during me playing slots or what ever, the chat froze at some point in the past 3 minutes ... i can tell, because the moment i try to share a bet .. chat doesnt scroll anymore. So i refresh .. And here is
  4. I will take your words to heart ! Thank you very kindly
  5. thank you for your response , truly appreciate it. Even though, i still have to respectfully disagree !
  6. Let me begin by telling you what actually happened .. and what got me muted. And then you can all decide for yourself, if this was indeed justified! I "complained" or, as Milano put's it, "cried" about not getting rains during to constant chat freezes. My intend was indeed something else entirely .. its to let stake know that it can be very frustrating to actually wager 1000$ per week, which is a lot of money for me personally .. not for the sole purpose of getting rains, but since its now the new normal , its unacceptable to see the rainbot give only 3 people rains .. lets say
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