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  1. As for me, i prefer old classic rouletts.https://vulkanvegas.info/ I have heard a lot of views that all rouletes is scam! No! No, guys. Of cource it is a big risk. Hovewer, who say to waste big sums of money?If you are unexperienced, it would be a good idea to start from small. You need to play roulette wisely and then if you lose all the money, it can only mean that its your fault!. Every person have a choise: do it or not. Does this mean a divorce ??? Rave! Rave! Rave! And if you want to play, do a couple of tests. Found a roulette with a withdrawal of $ 1. I introduced 50 cents. won 1 dollar. Then I threw off 5 dollars and won 9 took off. So I have acted like this.. And those who think that this is a real thing to raise from $ 10 to 1000. No, unfortunately this is nonsense. Roulette will never let you win so much with 10 ... Think about it!