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  1. Profits hopefully That would be a nice birthday gift of stake to us!
  2. I think my best low run so far was 1,5 cents to 26 euros, which is like 1.6k X the balance, but that? That is incredible!
  3. I bet Dice was the gambling start for many on here
  4. AverageGerman

    Dice Win

    Nice Hit! Keep Winning and stay safe
  5. Interesting read! Thanks for the share. I really wish I would have understood the potential earlier, but sadly I was way too young...
  6. I tried some random strategies that are supposed to run long time, but in the end the house always wins and it's a bust
  7. I probably would have made something if I had some online exposure. But as i dont have a following. Nothings really coming out of it
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