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  1. Welcome to stake! I believe after you created your account you may get confused with all the games and wonder where to start! 🙆‍♀️ So I have these small tips for you! 1. Play games without a bankroll! - it's way better to get everything in control and you know how games differently works before you spend your money! So, do pre-roll first, and find the game that suits you! 2. Play games without EMOTIONS! - this plays significant role when gambling! If you are having a deep red and 50% of your br get busted. Don't Panic! Some players, may end up having an insane amount of bet just to recover the losses and unfortunately, get busted. Stay calm and gradually recover your losses! 3. Don't tap the MAX BUTTON! - I dare you, even you are confident with the next result just don't do it! 4. and Lastly, don't forget to have a good amount of wager as it will help your level progress ☺️. Bonuses and rewards were waiting for you every successful levels! I hope these would be a great tips for you ♥️
  2. thank you everyone for your response but still do pre-roll to know which side is better to place
  3. We all know that wagering plays a significant role for the level's progress in stake. You may have heard and tried the 1.01× payout with 10% of your balance as stop loss and having 1% of your balance as your base bet. As what I have observed in Stake 3,this won't work and will only bust your bankroll with a little wager. That's why, I'm sharing you this somehow effective strategy for wagering. I'll recommend that you have a 50 br, gain a profit of 10 xrp in any game. Game: Dice Bb: 0.1 Payout 1.2 Stop on loss: 10 xrp note: if it hits below 1.2×, multiply the base bet into 3, hit 2 greens and back to base bet. That's all, I hope this can help
  4. Share your effective strategies for wager with profit I used to play using fibonnaci sequence in limbo, 4× payout