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  1. I`ve never heard about this one, but I know that a lot of people started to create their own cryptocurrencies after 2017 bitcoin price boom and sometimes they call their creations Bitcoin alternative, but in most situations these projects are scam
  2. I consider myself to second type of investors. I invest only in those projects which are really can be useful for world in the future and I always analyze carefully all projects whose tokens I`m going to buy. Cryptocurrencies like everything can be good and bad and investors should differ them
  3. I always use Litecoin when I need to transfer my money somewhere, because fees in this blockchain are low and speed of transactions is very good. I also use ethereum blockchain, but it`s often overloaded and for good transaction speed you need pay large fee sometimes
  4. I don`t think that any existig cryptocurrency can repeat Bitcoin success and make their holders multi millionaires, but there are always some projects which just can give good profit to token holders. I would like to mark projects which have Binance support and projects which are participating in IEOs on Binance launchpad. They delight own buyers very often.
  5. I prefer to divide my investment balance and I have about 50% of these money in Bitcoin, about 20% are invested in Ethereum, other 30% I spread among BNB, ERD, ONE, EOS, ADA and some other less popular cryptocurrencies. I trust only project and coins which have big trading volumes and pretty huge community
  6. I`ve never heard about wallet which you use. I prefer Trust Wallet. This project is supported by Binance and it has pretty comfortable interface and nice interface. It`s easy to use even for people who are inexperienced in crypto sphere. On the desktop I use Atomic Wallet, but I do it very rarely
  7. Bitcoin showed to all people around the world what cryptocurrency is and how these assets can be used, but technical side of the main cryptocurrency is too weak comparing to other contemporary cryptocurrencies, so I prefer such projects as Eth, TRX, Elrond or Cardano. I suppose these blockchains are much more better than Bitcoin
  8. Bitcoin is very uncomfortable to use for small payments asset and I think dogecoin can really be useful for people who make small bets. This coin is like TRX, very useful for betters and gamblers
  9. nykka

    Ripple at 10$?

    This price is obviously impossible for ripple. There are two groups of people. First one believes in this cryptocurrency and think that Ripple can connect usual bank system with cryptocurrency, but some people reckon Ripple isn`t even cryptocurrency and they don`t want to buy it. Ripple demand is very low so reaching even 1$ will be fascinating
  10. I like some altcoins, but the most favorite coin for me is ethereum. I like it for low transaction fees, abilities to create own tokens on ethereum blockchain and also create dapps, which can be useful for somebody. I`m waiting for Ethereum 2.0, hope this update will change people`s opinion regarding ethereum
  11. I like Litecoin and always use it for transactions, but this cryptocurrency doesn`t have any significant features to become better than Ethereum. Litecoin is similar to Bitcoin, but Ethereum has smartcontracts and Ethereum blockchain let create dapps on it, so Ethereum is very prospective coin, even more than LTC
  12. I think the most prospective altcoins for investing which are supported by big exchanges like Binance. I know Elrond project and Harmony. Both of them can suggest good solutions for some contemporary problems and I have already bought some tokens of these projects
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