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  1. very helpfull, thank you for statistic
  2. hmm my dream job, is to be a football players agent, some big players agent )
  3. nargiza3 happy birthday my lovely Stake
  4. thanks i will look now on their website. And my country is not restricted in their terms and conditions, i checked that.
  5. yes offcourse, but i read the terms and conditions, and my country is allowed there, so they are just scam and want to steal money, thats why i ask, maybe someone know some companies 3rd party who can help, and fight with me against them.
  6. no its not about Stake, stake is perfect sportsbook and casino. i Have problem with other sportsbook, the only asked me from which country you from, ands thats it, and no more answer, even if they want to close account or, how its possible not to return my deposit.
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