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  1. Not going to applie since there are so many great picks already, but just wanting to say thank you to Stake for doing this. I would even like 2 new moderators "hired" since its alot of work. Sir Wiv is an awesome moderator but kinda alone in sports. I hope the new moderators will start cleaing up all that negativity going around, and stop people from saying sexist comments and racist comments and think its "ok" just beacuse its internet. ❤️❤️❤️
  2. Dont ask yourself what Dusan can do for you, but what can you do for Dusan?
  3. WTF did Dusan win something big? Are we passive begging? If so ill join ❤️ Dusan
  4. Lord of the rings... I dont like this wizzard kid book.... Metro 2033 are really cool, alot of books from the orginal author Dmitry Glukhovsky but then there is alot of new books that is taken part of the world he created but in different citys. Good shiteee
  5. "Clockwork orange" aint bad
  6. Stake: HarriP Prank; Dusan I would begin to take a bank loan for this prank since it will cost me some money, don't worry! It will be worth it! I would find a way to be able to infiltrate eddies work-mail and contact Dusan and tell him because he has been such a nice guy in sports-chat and also did his work in such an amazing way, We are promoting him to CEO! I would tell him he had to move to Australia and I buy a plane ticket and tell him that there is an apartment waiting for him so he can end his current apartment contract in Serbia. Dusan flies to Australia.. No job. No app
  7. Game week 30: Chelsea - West Brom 2-1 Leeds - Sheffield Utd 2-1 Leicester - Man City 2-1 Arsenal - Liverpool 1-2 Southampton - Burnley 2-1 Newcastle - Tottenham 1-2 Aston Villa - Fulham 2-1 Man Utd - Brighton 2-1 Everton - Crystal Palace 2-1 Wolves - West Ham 2-1 min 21 HarriP
  8. I cant belive there is still people who think they can manipulate math.
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