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  1. Great event as always. Highly appriciated! ❤️ Not a sour looser but it would be awesome if you had some giveaways for the lowrollers aswell (with obvs lower payout) in the future- Its super fun but obvs those who rake millions and get thousends of tickets will take all the winnings against us lowerollers with 1-5 tickets!
  2. I rather would get a decent bonus once a day for 14 days... This is a bit to low every relod.
  3. Leicester - Manchester United 1-3 Aston Villa - Crystal Palace 1-1 Fulham - Southampton 0-3 Arsenal - Chelsea 2-4 Manchester City - Newcastle 6-1 Sheffield United - Everton 2-1 Leeds - Burnley 4-1 West Ham - Brighton 2-1 Liverpool - West Brom 4-0 Wolves - Tottenham 0-1 Stake: HarriP Tiebreaker : 33
  4. I will stake $5k but still i understand your concern, shuld be nice with some smaller give-aways with high RNG who gets stuff on the lower wagers, like alot of $10 codes or $1 codes or whatever.
  5. Intresting to hear if a few countrys would tax you to death for that winning. Dont think my GF keep it but i would if i could
  6. PlayNGo have really fun bonus games right?
  7. Only if you know the correct plays, same with bj. You need to know how to play to get "good" odds.-
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