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  1. Exactly this part i can sign. Im not a huge fan at all of slots, but on stake when i first time tried Scarab Slots, they are in some way unique and then Samurai came out and its gives to us a pretty decent switch to the alternative Scarab slots they don't have the same features which is big like.
  2. Is he allowed still to play ? ^^ JK There is no ideal Martingale , as guys said it depends on the balance, but at the end , you can overextend always
  3. Nice Dado8000 im also from Croatia
  4. Traditional Bosnian food - Kljukuša , best what you can eat but with a traditional recipe from my grandmother
  5. HILO: 27,610,513,652 placed by edoo153 on 11/08/2020 Wagered 0.00021000 Multiplier 1.77031x Profit 0.00016177
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