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  1. Why do we have to post 10 Topics before we can be included in Eddie's Saturday Stream? Also, how long does it take for my 10 Topics to approve me to join Eddie's Saturday Stream?
  2. Could someone please tell me what the Minimum and Maximum Bets for Sports Betting is?
  3. Is this true? I read a post on social media stating that Banks Worldwide will be accepting Cryptocurrency this year. This also includes more Crypto ATM's.
  4. I am curious what everyone's favorite game to play is? I personally like Hi-Lo. A Great Stake Original!
  5. In your opinion, what are the 3 Best Bonus Buys that pay out the most and that pay out daily?
  6. I was curious how plating the Forum Games work and where can they be found? Are there bonus drops or prizes for playing them?
  7. There are many slots now and it seems like Stake Original Games are not being played as much. To make sure Stake Original Games get it's undivided attention, I think there should be an incentive for those Honorable Stake Original Players. For not leaving Stake Original Games behind in the dust. They are what got us here and here to stay!
  8. I can't transfer Crypto to stakes through Cash App anymore. Not sure why? Does anyone know what else I could use besides Coinbase?
  9. Is there a list somewhere to tell us which slots are $.01, $.05, $.10? or Does anyone know the names of the games that are $.01, $.05, $.10?
  10. Wouldn't it be nice to know what the games cost before clicking in and having to decide if you want to play then?
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