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  1. I think its almost not possible way.. all is luck
  2. I think personally its at most luck... like in holdem on Omaha behind the table but not at all ofcourse:)
  3. gregorlca

    4 of a kind

    I get several times 4 of a kind pal
  4. mostly its few good and very good figures and after that long break with winning
  5. i also get this reload while ago but much lower amount
  6. I saw today on chat someone paste the same pics with 5 ones
  7. gregorlca

    Good Slot

    have a big winnings!
  8. Hi. I have account on STAKE a while, but later I didn't establish forum account. Now I done it. I want to ask about some help how to win some little amount of coins in some contest or giveaway. I can not write on giveaway topics I think because I'm just new on forum. Kindly asking for some tips how to play and have fun. my game account - Gregorlca best regards!