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  1. Hello guys What is the biggest win you get in your entire life ? and in which game
  2. isn't it like, advantageous for you? i mean from 1.5 to 2 is really good on your part
  3. gonna try this later, im fond of bots and things
  4. you got a very lucky seed and lucky vibes today, congrats, such a shame thou because it would be amazing if you have bet 100 sats or something
  5. Nekopara here, so sorry if I look like a potato or something Well, I'm studying Theoretical Chemistry so this is my attire during laboratories and stuff
  6. Roulette is a dangerous game, even thou you can hedge, it is not guaranteed that you can take good profits from this game. If you really want to take profit in this game, you should hunt for large multipliers, else, you can't really win anything.
  7. nekopara I prefer No Limit City because I like their arts and graphics stuff, it pleases my eyes
  8. But nothing beats the pleasure of playing DOTA in the PC. I play mobile legends but somewhat, it felt that something is out of place. Well, different people have different needs and preferences.
  9. nekopara


    Keno gives good payout if and only if, you have a strong and courageous heart and large bankroll
  10. Scammers will always exist, scams will change form throughout the history but they will be ever present. It is like asking for oxygen to suddenly disappear.
  11. Personally, I prefer the traditional slots over the samurai one because of the free spins. Obviously, if you have more free spins, you have a bigger multiplier. 5 free spins doesnt mean much compared to 10 free spins.
  12. He is very kind and awesome, he interacts with the players within the site, that what makes him so cool
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