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  1. michelleleeann

    $250 Twitter Giveaway #13

  2. michelleleeann

    Abuse of Power Struggle

    You know Dan is super super hot right?..... Hot guys are allowed to be dicks. I think it's in their handbook or something...
  3. michelleleeann

    Monday 3rd-10th December Giveaway 8

    I just want to give a big thank you to Darkblood for being an awesome member of Stakes community. Darkblood has these giveaways out of the kindness of his own wallet, also the interest he makes from his lending, he uses it for freebies for all of us. Lets all give Darkblood a big thank you!! And let's all pray that we win this giveaway and that the price of bitcoin skyrockets!!! Thanks DB!
  4. michelleleeann

    🏆 [5th DEC] Pimp Santa's Sleigh | [0.05] Hilo Challenge!

    HILO: 1,797,349,039 placed by MichelleLeeann on 05/12/2018 Wagered 0.00003225 Multiplier 3.23221x Profit 0.00007199
  5. WHEEL: 1,777,203,568 placed by MichelleLeeann on 03/12/2018 Wagered 0.00000512 Multiplier 7.8x Profit 0.00003482 WHEEL: 1,777,204,483 placed by MichelleLeeann on 03/12/2018 Wagered 0.00000512 Multiplier 7.8x Profit 0.00003482
  6. MINES: 1,744,820,882 placed by MichelleLeeann on 02/12/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 277.327x Profit 0.00027633
  7. Blackjack:1,736,576,621 Blackjack:1,728,559,963 I cant highlight my bets because it gives me an error message that says im in ghost mode... but im not in ghost mode.... I can screenshot and upload pictures instead if thats ok
  8. michelleleeann

    Share A prize Pool Giveaway #2

    Thanks DB you're the best!!!
  9. michelleleeann

    Giveaway [Everyone Is A Winner #3]

    MichelleLeeann Thanks DB!!!
  10. michelleleeann

    🏆 [0.08 BTC] Devil's Hand | Baccarat Challenge!

    BACCARAT: 988,330,051 placed by MichelleLeeann on 07/10/2018 Wagered 0.00003000 Multiplier 8x Profit 0.00021000 BACCARAT: 988,456,832 placed by MichelleLeeann on 07/10/2018 Wagered 0.00003000 Multiplier 8x Profit 0.00021000 BACCARAT: 988,450,146 placed by MichelleLeeann on 07/10/2018 Wagered 0.00003000 Multiplier 8x Profit 0.00021000
  11. michelleleeann

    Instagram Giveaway Results 10/4/18

    Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!
  12. michelleleeann

    [Closed] Stake Survey Giveaway #1

    1. How did you find Stake? I found Stake because a lot of my friends on Bitvest.io were playing here, in the first days of opening and I came here off of their recommendation. I remember 77kdub and Thugstream were both mods at Stake and they were talking about the opening at Bitvest 2. What changes do you believe would most improve Stake? I actually think Stake is pretty awesome, I wish I myself were more active here in the forum, because you guys have a ton of tools to utilize here, but thats more of a recommendation for me, not for you guys lol! Maybe a little more Staff interaction like there used to be, Staff would come in nightly and talk, but now its days inbetween and WE NEVER EVEN SEE BOJANA ANYMORE shes my fav! 3. What is the primary reason you come to Stake? At first the gambling, now its for the community, I know everyone here personally now, at least a whole bunch of them. I come to hear about their lives and keep in touch, and to gamble! 4. What’s your favourite crypto to make bets with? Which would you like to see next? BTC will always be my fav. Its the easiest to pawn off for cash when you win, and its the msot recognized so therefore more in-demand for not so knowlegebale crypto fans. Although, DOGE would be cool to have! 5. Do you buy crypto just to play on Stake? Yes, pretty much 6. What’s your most memorable moment on Stake? I really loved last years Halloween costume contest 7. What makes Stake stand out the most from competitors? Def the community, and the freedom to say whatever we want. Theres no filters or some mod banning us for responding with a single word response. I like that. A LOT 8. What’s the most inconvenient thing for you about Stake? Probably how much money I lose here, I dont think i have good gaming strategies 9. Would you recommend Stake to a friend? Have you already? I have brought several of my real life friends to Stake.com including Stimubate and Waldo and more and more keep joining when they hear us talk about the site, like Probation and Bitsmuggler and LosingLove2018. All real life friends Ive turned onto Stake.com 10. Are you interested in sports betting? No 11. Which social media platforms do you use the most? Facebook 12. Would you use a cold storage wallet on Stake for additional security? Im not entirely sure what that means.... 13. What’s your favourite and least favourite game on Stake? Why? Hi Lo is sucky, Im not good at it and I never ever win! Keno is my favorite, but the wins come and go, btu its the most addicting that and Dice 14. How many bets on average do you make a day? Thousands.... Probably at least 10,000 bets a day. Im here a lot. 15. What’s your approximate average bet size? Smaller bets, typically 1k-5k btc 16. What do you like most about other online casinos that Stake currently doesn’t offer? I do really like the Bitvest Event Room, where Promo hosts events like trivia and lotto drawings, randomly, thats a cool feature, but since you guys have introduced the rainbot, theres not a lot that you guys dont have! 17. Hypothetically speaking, Stake goes offline. Where do you go next? I spend almost all of my time here, but if there was no more stake, id go back to Bitvest more, Id probably play a lot less 18. Are there any community events you’d like to see in the future? Not off the top of my head, like I mentioned before the event room, like bitvest has would be cool, but I dont know how you guys would go about integrating that in. 19. Do you gamble anywhere besides Stake? Where? I play at Bitvest, Primedice, DuckDice, Luckygames *sometimes* BUT I HATE CRYPTOGAMES THEY ARE AWFUL! 20. What’s your biggest question for the Stake staff? BOJANA! Why do you hate the song Wonderwall by Oasis!?!?!?