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  1. parzival2026

    Hi all

    hey there, been on stake now a year in 10 days, still working towards my first star slowly but surely getting there, went up 17% yesterday and hope i can get a little more today
  2. went from 50-400-300 and now to see what today will bring
  3. loving this new update so much, i lovvvveeeeeee crazy time
  4. sorry to hear this dude, the risk is to exciting and i tend to take it to far, glad to hear you have your star at least
  5. over the time you have done it, how much profit would you say you got on trying that?
  6. after nealry a year on stake, i am making my first post, thank you for all the kindness and fun you have given me during this time, looking forward to see how much more your site grows, thank you eddie