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  1. Stake: Dg1004 Favorite is Dog house & Jammin Jars
  2. Dg1004

    League of Legends

    My favorite champs to play is Ezreal, Aphelios and Syndra. Ezreal is just so fun to play with his Arcane shift and mystic shots that makes him very mobile and hard to gank when you have Arcane shift and Flash up. Aphelios is just broken still after the nerfs, and I love his crescendum + Calibrum, it's a nasty combo that can hit a very long distance. Syndra is just fun to play as a mage champion when I want to move away from adc champions and it's easy to flex in bot aswell
  3. I joined Stake in 2019 when I was 19, but wasn't really playing until April or May this year, and I've enjoyed every single bit of it.
  4. Wasn't really aware that people could still scam on Stake since PM/friend requests was removed before i started playing regularly on here. Thank you for showing me with this post Ryan
  5. My favorite is by far eSport with League of Legends and CSGO, but I'm also enjoying NBA and football (Soccer)
  6. I've been using other sites to bet on, but nothing beats Stake. The weekly bonuses, monthly bonuses, reloads etc. and of course the staff around it, is what makes it good. Thank you Eddie!
  7. I prefer using blockchain, but the support is so slow there, so sometimes i use Coinbase aswell. But definitely blockchain in my opinion
  8. Hmm definitely seems like a difficult issue to solve, have you tried reaching out to support in the chat rooms?
  9. I’m using an iPhone 6 which is lagging sometimes
  10. Yea just look up the site before using it and check the reviews, obviously there’ll be fake reviews but also legit ones and use different passwords
  11. Yeah I'm backing you on this one. Odds are changing from -278 to +100 in only a few minutes. Had you won this bet they would've most likely said it's a line error and you'd be paid to +100 instead of -278. Imo a refund is only fair in this case, but that's just my opinion. Goodluck on this Gianny