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    Summer1892 got a reaction from Stefan in Success and Failure   
    My biggest failure was:
    I think my biggest failure was entering into a relationship at a young age. It was also my biggest regret. Our relationship lasted 7 years. I was 14 when we first met. At first everything was okay. I sometimes stay at their house. I loved him more that myself. Everything was fine, not until when he get angry he destroy things. He slam me on the bed after he sees that I'm crying he'll stop and would say his sorry, I'll forgive him. But after a month or two he'll do it again. He'll destroy my cellphone. I have no way to contact my family. I didn't leave because I love him even if become so violent towards me. The last time it happened was on our last fight. When we were arguing, he get angry, carried me and slammed on the ground. And that moment I have given up. No way in hell that I will let that man kill me. The moment that I leave that place, I am never coming back again. 
    My success was:
    After my failed relationship I find a job, giving a good salary. I met my husband. In just to months the pain that my past relationship inflicted in me slowly fade away. How can this man love me more than myself. How can this man give me everything that will make me happy even if I don't ask. We have now a beautiful little girl. I'm glad that I decided to leave my ex boyfriend and moved on. 
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    Summer1892 got a reaction from Stefan in 😴Crazy Dreams😴   
    This dream happened when I was a kid. I can still remember this because on my dream my mommy push me in a building. It's a high building. I thought I was falling but I've seen myself hanging on the edge of the building. And there's a goat beside me. Also hanging. He is looking at me and talking to me. I remembered that the goat smiled to me and that time I wake up. 
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    Summer1892 got a reaction from Andrei1234 in What is your dream job?   
    I want to be a race car driver. 
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