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    Do not use coinbase, it is based on USA, and all your data is send to the IRS and government. Also, I don't recommend to use Binance for the american market (binance.us), another trash. Check for example Poloniex, it was awful when it was based in USA, and now it has moved to other countries and you have more services (futures, lending, investment pools), less fees, higher limits and less intrusive KYC.
  2. You are right, I forgot to extract my own bet. And the House edge is huge: In 100 bets you will end up getting: -10usd (wagering) - 50usd (bet) * 100 bets = -6000usd 50 wins = [(50usd*1.50)]*50bets = 3750usd 50 loses = [(50usd*0.5refund)]*50bets = 1250usd 3750+1250-6000= -1000usd OR 50 wins = [(50usd*1.50)-10usd-50usd]*50bets = 750usd 50 loses = [-25usd-10usd]*50bets = -1750usd 750usd-1750usd= -1000usd House edge is 20% against the player BTW: With House Edge of 1% (for example, in Dice), wagering 1000usd will make you lose 10usd.
  3. Let's make the maths. Let's say an event has a 50% chance of happening (thus, fair odds should be 2.0), but Stake takes a House Edge an pays only 1.50 (25% house edge for this example, while sportbets usually take 8/12%). Just to play this bet, you wager those 1000usd dollars and lost 10usd (1% house edge, this is expected). Now you bet 50 dollars: 50% of the time you will win 50*1.50 (75usd), minus 10usd you lost for wagering 1000usd. 50% of the time you will lose 25usd (half-refund), minus 10usd you lost for wagering 1000usd. In 100 bets you will end up getting: 50 wins = [(50usd*1.50)-10usd]*50bets = 3250usd 50 loses = [-25usd-10usd]*50bets = -1750usd 3250usd-1750usd= 1500usd positive. House edge is -30% (30% in favor of the player). As I said, it is still a good promo (as long as you bet 50usd).
  4. The rules says bets will be refunded, half of it within 48 hours... are they really not paying the other half? It is still a great promo even at 50%, but I feel tricked this time, and the feeling of being tricked is worst than losing some bucks... it would be better to clarify that only 50% was going to be refunded or change the name of the promo, or not make the promo at all.
  5. Xylber

    IP limiting

    I agree, there should be a downloadeable file with all the details of the bets, so we can look at them offline without using Stake's servers.
  6. How can "bet on sports you know" and "start with low bets" can be a bad advice? Do you bet high on sport you don't understand? Also, value bets are hard to identify... unless you know the sport well.
  7. I agree with dupeddonk, it is math. The chance of hitting 1 in 100 is 1%, but you said you played for 4 hours, if you repeat that small chance of 1% 100 times, the chance of hitting 1 in 100 is 63%
  8. DICE: 56,358,484,452 placed by Xylber on 18/09/2021 Wagered 0.00002101 Multiplier 1.0102041x Profit 0.00000021
  9. you have to play low house edge games, Stake Originals Blackjack or some third party blackjack (there is one with 0.4% house edge). If your bet is low enough, expect to be close to 4k before losing those 20 dollars.
  10. Twitch doesn't recognize what is being said and doesn't ban automatically in live streams, I'm sure a couple of viewers reported him forcing the ban (or a Twitch mod was watching the stream).
  11. Even when I know it is already fixed (third party provider error), the help document also adds to the confusion: https://intercom.help/stake-casino/en/articles/5086225-how-asian-handicap-totals-work The article says a half-win is a "VOID" bet, but as @GuestKyleFrank well said, it is a "win+push". Sadly the "sportbook support" (not you Darko, the other) don't fix it even knowing about it: Also I told: "If you plan to add promos related to these bets, it is important to have the correct wording." Answer: "We will not be adding promotions on Quarter Handicaps or Totals." But Stake VIP's page says otherwise: ---------- I hope you have the power to correct that info Darko, and stop any further confusion/false scam accusations about this kind of bets.
  12. Let's be realistic, it is hard to believe and the only proof you have is the manually placed bet. Take some precautions, use the Vault to store the coins you don't want to bet (in the case the autobot fails, a bug, or even if you make a mistake setting the autobot), and record your gameplat (valid for any casino).
  13. Stay on Twitch. The reason for being banned is to share referral links/codes to gambling sites, it is forbidden since 15 days ago: It is nothing to do with gambling itself. Some tips to not being banned for those who stream gambling on Twitch: Mandatory: -Enable the +18 stream feature in settings (users must accept they are +18 before watching) -Delete every referral link/code, no more "!Stake" on chat to see the referral link Optional: -Add where are you playing from in the stream or title. If you are from USA, you are going to be banned (cryptos are banned there). -Add a notice (scrolling text) saying that gambling is prohibited in "the country of freedom" and some others, and the gambling is not for children notice, blah blah. -Gamble in "Cryptocurrency" category, not in "Slots" -Some people is hiding the gambling site logo, but I think it is not needed.
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