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  1. I'm not 24/7 here, but I'm not seeing anything unussual: the same people complaining about losing an impossible bet, then calling the "probability bot" which confirm it: "losing 20 times in a row is one in 99999 times", and crying about it in the chat. They were (and are) always on the chat, I found them harmless. But, if we are talking about a person (or a group of people) who, in purpose, is trying to damage the image of Stake, then it is serious.... but be sure they are not going to stop by reading this thread 😐
  2. Even when it is true that reading "scam" on the chat may be a red alert for a newbie, it also shows that the chat is not heavy moderated or censored if a player have a problem with a game, thus, bringing transparency. I mean, people who play on online casinos or do a heavy use of exchanges (high rollers and high traders) knows it is normal to have somebody angry with their loses shouting "Scam!" in any exchange or casino with a real free chat. If in the chat you read only good things, and the people who is angry is banned and dissapear without any explanation, beware! So, the best thing to do is, when there is a guy screaming "scam" on chat, let the mod say him "contact support to solve it", showing to everybody that the casino really wants to know and solve the problems of the players.
  3. Trivias are not good for "official giveaways", we saw it today. 1st, english speakers have advantage. The name of a capital, country, film or book may have different names depending of the language. 2nd, mobile users are in disadvantage. If you have to search the answer in Google, you have to open a different tab, and it is harder in a phone than in a computer. 3rd, trivias are spammy. 100 players answering the same at same time, you can miss if the correct answer was already told. Also, if you are looking for the answer in other tab, you will miss if the prize was already given, and you will answer anyway (creating more spam). Staff should stick to the normal multiplier hunting, or rains. Trivias are for random moments when people are not expecting them, and just a dozen (not hundreds) answer.
  4. LIMBO: 4,284,119,755 placed by Xylber on 06/04/2019 Wagered 0.00000001 Multiplier 40000x Profit 0.00039999
  5. Since Whatsapp is part of Facebook, Telegram is my first choice. And comparing softwares, Telegram have themes and emojis, and some of the features of whatsapp were copied from Telegram. But I don't consider it a social network, it is just a messaging app.
  6. I think it is a cryptocurrency, centralized or decentralized, private or public network are just categories of cryptos. The reason because all (or the majority) of cryptos are decentralized is because the philosophy of taking away the power of the bankers to have the power to create money privately.
  7. Wow, I have exactly the same question. I check Real Poker, but I simply closed it when it forced me to download "Chrome browser", wtf!
  8. Just that, the autobet stops when you maximize your windows from "not maximized" state. I only tried it in Windows machines. Data: Windows 7/10 Firefox 66.0.2 Game: Limbo How to replicate: You need your Firefox window open, but not maximized. Just start autobet, and then mazimize the windows, then the autobet stops. It also happens if you use the "snap" feature and drag the windows to the sides of the screen to automatically resize it to the half the screen. Hope it helps.
  9. 100 to 5 is a great prize
  10. There should be a coin (or a token, or whatever) with a fixed value of 1 dollar. It can be a website database (not a crypto, but just "credits"): Then, I have 1 BTC in Stake, and I can change it for 3900 StakeCoins inside the website. Then I know my 3900 StakeCoins always worth 3900 dollars, even if the BTC goes down. I can even bet with those Stakecoins. In this way, I can save the time of cashing out and trade my BTC for dollars in the exchange. Also, Stake has the advantage of having more players storing their cryptos on the website: both players and people who play the buy and sell game in the markets. But, if it were a crypto, you can't set the 1dollar=1 stake coin fixed rate, unless it were centralized. BUt I doubt if people would trust a centralized coin.
  11. From an html point of view, Stake 2.0 has a better programming and it is faster, they solved the problem with gstatic.com slowing down the page, and now it loads faster and has less requests to database than before. The only explanation to the reduced CPU performance is the use of more complex animations which hits the CPU usage, client side.
  12. Yeah, I bought when it was 0,00000030 BTC, and sold at 0,000000350 BTC. It reached almost 0,00000600 BTC. Then it went down, and I bought some again at 0,00000150 BTC, and I'm a loss now (it is 0,00000064 BTC)
  13. SiaCoin, I even tried the software to "mine" with the space you share from your HDD