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  1. I agree in multibet, pros never bet on them. The reason is simple, if you make 2 individual bets, there are four outcomes: A) win/win, B) win/loss, C) loss/win, D) loss/loss You win in A, coming even in B and C, lose on D But if you make a multibet, you are going to win the same amount in "A", but losing everything in B, C and D.
  2. It is mathematical, even in real life plinkos, the ball tends to go to the center
  3. Not too much to say, just: add a Twitch window to see Edward or Shinjo (or any other Stake streamer) when they stream.
  4. ROULETTE: 20,225,528,562 placed by Xylber on 12/04/2020 Wagered 0.03900000 Multiplier 12x Profit 0.42900000 ROULETTE: 20,225,529,186 placed by Xylber on 12/04/2020 Wagered 0.03900000 Multiplier 12x Profit 0.42900000
  5. Impossible, must be bugged, I never waited more than 5 minutes to cashout from here. Contact support
  6. Goverment legalize everything they can track. I wouldn't be surprised if they force to declare BTC addresses to get taxes from them. The reason why it is illegal is simple, the FED has the right to print dollars and does not accept competition.
  7. - I took around 30 minutes to have my BTC on my account. I don't know about other coins. - Yes, it has a minimum amount. Around 5/6 dollars. - The fee was really low, around 1% comparing the price with Binance. If I had to withdraw to my eth wallet, send it to an exchange, exchagne to BTC, and withdraw from the exchange I would lost much more in transactions fees. Anyway, ALWAYS check the fee
  8. I just tried to do this and worked. I exchanged my ETH to BTC inside the Stake interface using the 3rd party coinswitch service tab, without leaving Stake. 1st: Go to "Deposit", "Exchange", choose the coin you have and the coin you want. I have ETH and want BTC 2nd: "View Exchange Rate", and confirm you agree with that (if you want to know if the exchange rate is fair, check: https://coinmarketcap.com/ ) 3rd: Once you accepted, you are presented with a deposit address. Copy this address. ----------------------------- 4th: Open a new ta
  9. In real football matches nobody knows the final result, professional bettors bets on the matches that were judged as "misscalculated by the betting house". "Simulated based on previous data" takes away the power of the professional bettor to outsmart the betting house, as the data is "Simulated based on previous data" the house knows the result before hand and calculate a perfect house edge. The house will never missjudge the match.
  10. 3rd: KENO: 19,674,873,365 placed by Xylber on 02/04/2020 Wagered 3.50000000 Multiplier 100x Profit 346.50000000 2nd: KENO: 19,675,645,121 placed by Xylber on 02/04/2020 Wagered 0.03500000 Multiplier 270x Profit 9.41500000 1st: KENO: 19,675,745,203 placed by Xylber on 02/04/2020 Wagered
  11. eSports logos are for teams, not for companies. I understand if people on Twitch uses them, but you can't see any "serious" company using team logos based on NFL or NHL. But I agree with you in the choice of the color palette. When Stake was released, the color palette was much more colorful and happy (do you remember the sky blue?): And the sister site PRIMEDICE has a more elegant approach with a desaturated blue coloring. After the revamp, they inverted the approach, they gave a more serious "desaturated dark blue" to Stake; and a more happy "blue/orange" coloring to Primedice:
  12. I prefer a coupon, faster and simpler. I have the reload in primedice and I'm not even claiming it, I don't want to cut out what I'm doing to claim a reload every X time.
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