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  1. There should be a coin (or a token, or whatever) with a fixed value of 1 dollar. It can be a website database (not a crypto, but just "credits"): Then, I have 1 BTC in Stake, and I can change it for 3900 StakeCoins inside the website. Then I know my 3900 StakeCoins always worth 3900 dollars, even if the BTC goes down. I can even bet with those Stakecoins. In this way, I can save the time of cashing out and trade my BTC for dollars in the exchange. Also, Stake has the advantage of having more players storing their cryptos on the website: both players and people who play the buy and sell game in the markets. But, if it were a crypto, you can't set the 1dollar=1 stake coin fixed rate, unless it were centralized. BUt I doubt if people would trust a centralized coin.
  2. From an html point of view, Stake 2.0 has a better programming and it is faster, they solved the problem with gstatic.com slowing down the page, and now it loads faster and has less requests to database than before. The only explanation to the reduced CPU performance is the use of more complex animations which hits the CPU usage, client side.
  3. Yeah, I bought when it was 0,00000030 BTC, and sold at 0,000000350 BTC. It reached almost 0,00000600 BTC. Then it went down, and I bought some again at 0,00000150 BTC, and I'm a loss now (it is 0,00000064 BTC)
  4. SiaCoin, I even tried the software to "mine" with the space you share from your HDD
  5. I like your designs (I remember the Wallpaper contest, yours were one of my favourites). The 2nd one looks the best of all, it is simple and clear. In my opinion I would give "air" (space) to the "play now" on the left, and move the ".com" thing more to the right to compensate. Anyway I'm sure Stake is looking for something related to their new interface 2.0, with the same palette of colors, fonts and graphic styles. Also, remember that bitcointalk don't work with normal images, you have to create a html/css programed ad, it must work with vectors, created on AfterEffects (for example), not on Photoshop.
  6. I was trying Onehash, because it has esports too. It is good, but it is not a classic bet site, the bet system prizes are based on the amount of players betting, so you may bet for something with a 10x chance, but an hour later it may be paying 5x (or 20x). The prizes are not fixed.
  7. Well, even when I also don't like some avatars, I expect to see some mild violence, or some sexy avatar, even some religion related avatar. But NSFW avatars (explicit sexual content or gore) are well justified to be reported, because you don't want to see them while you are surfing the forum in the office-break or in any other public place. ------- By the way, the duck on fire is this one? https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/goose-on-fire-fire-duck Don't worry, the fire is not really on his head, it is behind him.
  8. hah, thanks Kate. I mean, what is "disturbing" for him? Some people may find disturbing avatars about sex, others about violence or monsters, etc. For example, I haven't seen anything disturbing here.
  9. And half-millonaire on December 2017 (24*20= 480,000 USD)
  10. Estoy con examenes, por eso no me ven hace como 3 semanas. Además si es cierto que el chat es mucho más activo que el foro, es que las cosas que nos interesan (los desafios), estan en la parte de ingles 😂
  11. Juego Nuevo Video Poker Ya está casi listo el nuevo juego (el 13ro para los supersticiosos), y es el Video Poker: Cómo jugarlo: Cuando el juego esté habilitado (muy pronto) aparecerá en el menu principal junto al resto de los juegos. La variante de Video Poker que elegimos es la estándar de la industria, la que en Estados Unidos llaman "Jacks or Better", donde el pago empieza con el par de jacks ("J"). Una vez que se acepta la apuesta, la casa muestra cinco cartas, y allí eliges cuales quieres quedarte y cuales cambiar por otras nuevas, para formar la mano definitiva que dirá tu suerte. Mientras mejor sea la mano, mayor el premio. ARTÍCULO COMPLETO: https://medium.com/@stakecasino/the-influence-of-poker-on-modern-gambling-and-our-implementation-of-jacks-or-better-213515e6aeab
  12. I distrust on that proposition, probably small or middle miners go to claim the reduced rate, but the next year receive a tax for mining/having bitcoin.