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  1. I think this is not a "hack", it was a very clever move.
  2. "First Time Deposit", the people who succesfully deposited for the first time. All the other people was playing with the free balance from giveaways, rain drops, etc.
  3. Simple tutorial, works for any site on WINDOWS. --------------------------- First, you will need the IP address of the domain: 1) Press WIN+R, in the pop up windows write "cmd" and press "enter" 2) On the powershell/Commands, write "ping www.website.com" (replace the website address, we are using "stake.com") and press "enter" 3) You will get something like this as answer: C:\Users\User>ping stake.com Pinging stake.com [] with 32 bytes of d Reply from bytes=32 time=13ms TTL=244 Reply from bytes=32 time=11ms TTL=244 Reply from bytes=32 time=11ms TTL=244 Reply from bytes=32 time=10ms TTL=244 Take note of the IP address (in this case is ----------------------- Now you must to edit the HOSTS file: 4) Go to: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc 5) Open "HOSTS" file (open with notepad or download notepadd++) 6) Add these lines at the end of the file: stake.com www.stake.com 7) Save. ================= Explanation: The HOSTS file redirects the domain to an IP address (DNS servers). When the ISP block a website, they "unlink" the domain, so, when you write "stake.com" you are redirected to nothing or to a new website made by your ISP. Editing your HOSTS file translate the domain in your computer, so instead of using your ISP to translate the address to an IP, you use your own computer. BUT BEWARE, don't trust on IPS/HOSTS/REdirections written by unknown people (like me in this thread) because they can redirect you to a clon/malicious website and stole your data. ALWAYS follow ALL STEPS of the tutorial (checking yourself the IP address of a website). Anyway, I'm sharing the IPs from other gambling websites: stake.com www.stake.com primedice.com www.primedice.com
  4. Si usan el cliente de Bitcoin o Electrum o cualquier otra que guarde la billetera en la PC es completamente anónimo. Incluso si ustedes con nombre y apellido publicaran su dirección de bitcoin a otra persona en internet, Hacienda podría saber cuánto dinero tienen en ESA dirección pero no en las demás, así que cambiando de dirección por cada cobro hacen imposible que sepan cuantos bitcoin tienen en total.
  5. KENO: 13,562,622,874 placed by Xylber on 30/12/2019 Wagered 0.53000000 Multiplier 180x Profit 94.87000000 KENO: 13,564,066,096 placed by Xylber on 30/12/2019 Wagered 0.53000000 Multiplier 26x Profit 13.25000000 KENO: 13,565,110,069 placed by Xylber on 30/12/2019 Wagered 0.03700000 Multiplier 180x Profit 6.62300000 KENO: 13,565,551,394 placed by Xylber on 30/12/2019 Wagered 0.03700000 Multiplier 26x Profit 0.92500000
  6. Yesterday raffle requires 1000US dollars equivalent for each ticket. there were like 65000 tickets, so people played with 65.000.000 US dollars, and at 1% of house edge, it is an average of 650.000US of profit. So Stake has enough cryptos to make such promos, but also it is willing too, and Edward has demostrated countless times he is eager to share the profit of the website with everybody. And as you can see, he also invests hard on hiring the best people to keep the website fresh, with the best features and design.
  7. I inmediatly realize Stake was offering the same odds than the website I was using for sportbets: Sportsbets.io... now I can bet everything here on Stake
  8. Uncle Sam don't want you to use other than "his centralized FED currency", and local goverments want to tax bitcoin even when they don't consider it "real money"... Giving your personal info to an unknown company on internet is the other half of the problem.
  9. I'm super hyped about the sport bets on Stake, I hope to have it before the end of the year. About the house edge, let's check an example: https://sports.bwin.com/es/sports#leagueIds=24719&sportId=4 There you have a balanced game where both team are equally powerful, team "Independiente" vs team "Lanus" The possible outcomes are 3: Independiente wins, Draw, Lanus wins. A bet without any house edge must be paying 3, 3, 3 (if the team where equally strong), but Bwin is paying 2.55 , 2.8 , 2.8 The real house edge is impossible to calculate because you must know for sure the real chances of winning (nobody knows it), but mathematically you can see that betting 1 dollar to each possible outcome and winning them all will give you 8.15, instead of 9, a possible 10% house edge. This 10% is not only the house edge, it is used by the company to protect them from the missjudgements they made, so it end up to be more or less than that, depending on where the bettors bet. And last, this 10% doesn't means each bet has equally 10% of house edge each one, it is the average of all of them.
  10. Everything is analized statistically, using Poisson formula, or a variation of it (https://www.sportsbettingdime.com/guides/strategy/poisson-distribution/) Each house use their own "secret formula" to came up with the payments of each bet. The secret is to find those bets where the house missjudged the possible outcome of the game. A pro bettor is expected to get something between 1 to 3% of edge over a house, even more if he has "inside" info of the match. Otherwise, if you play by heart, house edge could be super high, from 10 to 30%. Long ago I used to bet on bet365 and bwin (not legal anymore in my city), and I had my own poisson formula. I will share some forecast when Stake adds the sport bets.
  11. There should be a "Pro Weekly Challenge", carefuly crafted for those who bet 0.0001btc per bet
  12. I would like to have an optional "bitcoin mixer" service at cashout (even for a small fee), to mix our coins and keep annonimous the fact we are cashing out from a casino. What is a bitcoin mixer: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Mixing_service Look, I even found an old image explaining the process, and it has MtGox, Silk Road and.... Primedice Logo!
  13. Long time ago I also had a similar idea: a fantasy coin "StakeCoin" for the casino, not minable, centralized, even may be not a cryptocurrency. The idea was to make this "Stake Coin" always worth 1 dollar, and make it exchangeable in-site by the coin you had. Example, 1 BTC can be changed here on Stake for 10000 StakeCoins, back and forth. So, if you wanted to sell BTC because it is going down, or buy because it is going up, instead of cashing out from Stake, and send it to an exchange, you can do it here. The problem with this idea is that Stake would be paying from their own pockets if everybody change their cryptos to Stakecoins, and tomorrow all cryptos fall. It add a risk factor. ------------ So now I'm just asking for giftable coupon for friends and family.
  14. Xylber

    Please Help me Out

    I think Coinbase accepts PayPal. Not sure about a direct credit card payment, anyway.
  15. Keep it private, if you want to tip an specific user, it is nobody's business to know you do it, and you don't expose the person that receive it. Unless you made a trivia/game/challenge, and it is expected that you actually send the prize to the winner.