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  1. I agree in multibet, pros never bet on them. The reason is simple, if you make 2 individual bets, there are four outcomes: A) win/win, B) win/loss, C) loss/win, D) loss/loss You win in A, coming even in B and C, lose on D But if you make a multibet, you are going to win the same amount in "A", but losing everything in B, C and D.
  2. It is mathematical, even in real life plinkos, the ball tends to go to the center
  3. Not too much to say, just: add a Twitch window to see Edward or Shinjo (or any other Stake streamer) when they stream.
  4. ROULETTE: 20,225,528,562 placed by Xylber on 12/04/2020 Wagered 0.03900000 Multiplier 12x Profit 0.42900000 ROULETTE: 20,225,529,186 placed by Xylber on 12/04/2020 Wagered 0.03900000 Multiplier 12x Profit 0.42900000
  5. Impossible, must be bugged, I never waited more than 5 minutes to cashout from here. Contact support
  6. Goverment legalize everything they can track. I wouldn't be surprised if they force to declare BTC addresses to get taxes from them. The reason why it is illegal is simple, the FED has the right to print dollars and does not accept competition.
  7. - I took around 30 minutes to have my BTC on my account. I don't know about other coins. - Yes, it has a minimum amount. Around 5/6 dollars. - The fee was really low, around 1% comparing the price with Binance. If I had to withdraw to my eth wallet, send it to an exchange, exchagne to BTC, and withdraw from the exchange I would lost much more in transactions fees. Anyway, ALWAYS check the fee
  8. I just tried to do this and worked. I exchanged my ETH to BTC inside the Stake interface using the 3rd party coinswitch service tab, without leaving Stake. 1st: Go to "Deposit", "Exchange", choose the coin you have and the coin you want. I have ETH and want BTC 2nd: "View Exchange Rate", and confirm you agree with that (if you want to know if the exchange rate is fair, check: https://coinmarketcap.com/ ) 3rd: Once you accepted, you are presented with a deposit address. Copy this address. ----------------------------- 4th: Open a new tab, go to Deposit/Withdraw choose ETH (or the coin you want to convert) and in the "withdraw address" choose the address given in the Step 3. You will be sending directly from Stake to Coinswith, and coinswitch will send it back converted to Stake. All in 1 step. 5th: Withdraw and wait. You can see the status of the exchange in the other tab (it takes 30 minutes).
  9. In real football matches nobody knows the final result, professional bettors bets on the matches that were judged as "misscalculated by the betting house". "Simulated based on previous data" takes away the power of the professional bettor to outsmart the betting house, as the data is "Simulated based on previous data" the house knows the result before hand and calculate a perfect house edge. The house will never missjudge the match.
  10. 3rd: KENO: 19,674,873,365 placed by Xylber on 02/04/2020 Wagered 3.50000000 Multiplier 100x Profit 346.50000000 2nd: KENO: 19,675,645,121 placed by Xylber on 02/04/2020 Wagered 0.03500000 Multiplier 270x Profit 9.41500000 1st: KENO: 19,675,745,203 placed by Xylber on 02/04/2020 Wagered 0.03500000 Multiplier 270x Profit 9.41500000
  11. Tengan en cuenta que los desafíos se publican en inglés, con los nombres de los juegos en inglés. Opción 1 (En inglés) Opción 2 (En inglés, excepto Ruleta y Minas) - Usado ACTUALMENTE Opción 3 (En español)
  12. eSports logos are for teams, not for companies. I understand if people on Twitch uses them, but you can't see any "serious" company using team logos based on NFL or NHL. But I agree with you in the choice of the color palette. When Stake was released, the color palette was much more colorful and happy (do you remember the sky blue?): And the sister site PRIMEDICE has a more elegant approach with a desaturated blue coloring. After the revamp, they inverted the approach, they gave a more serious "desaturated dark blue" to Stake; and a more happy "blue/orange" coloring to Primedice: (old vs. new style) Primedice current design is fantastic; I think Stake should be like the current Primedice, and Primedice should have a more "premium/elite" coloring with dark grays instead of that electric blue. IN that way, you recover that contrast both companies had before the revamping (Stake=fun, Primedice=premium)
  13. I prefer a coupon, faster and simpler. I have the reload in primedice and I'm not even claiming it, I don't want to cut out what I'm doing to claim a reload every X time.
  14. Never. Unless you are playing in a real life casino, with no automatic shufflers, and you are counting the cards.. I guess this is possible in some Atlantic City casinos.
  15. Xylber

    Chess for Stake

    If people were honest it would be fantastic, but anybody can copy the movements to a second computer with a high AI using fritz or chessmaster. If Stake add any player v. player game, it must be something lucky related, like a coin flip with a random seed.
  16. I agree about the reward system got too complex, with too many levels and sometimes it is not very clear about them all. But it is not unfair, all the opposite, the system rewards the players who invest more time and money on the website, with prizes that increase according to the betting power of the player. Well, that statement looks too innocent. Casinos exists because people wish to multiply their money... in exchange their risk their own money. Asking to the people to give up their wishes to "get more money" in the name of "fun" is as ridiculous as pretending that the casino itself "give up" they business, set up the house edge to 0% in the name of fun. Moreover, the reason Stake (or any casino or business) gives those "VIP only rewards" and "Races" and bonuses is to entice people to bet more, to get more prizes risking more money... it is not "a gift" given by the casino, it is not "generosity", it is a marketing strategy. In simpler words: no greed, no casino. No rewards, less clients.
  17. You are right. But you must be able to change the seed wherever you want is to be sure that YOU have the control over the outcome, otherwise, if the seed were static, the casino could be rigging the results.
  18. Yeah exactly. It looks weird, no doubt, ask the support to see what they say
  19. I think this is not a "hack", it was a very clever move.
  20. "First Time Deposit", the people who succesfully deposited for the first time. All the other people was playing with the free balance from giveaways, rain drops, etc.
  21. Simple tutorial, works for any site on WINDOWS. --------------------------- First, you will need the IP address of the domain: 1) Press WIN+R, in the pop up windows write "cmd" and press "enter" 2) On the powershell/Commands, write "ping www.website.com" (replace the website address, we are using "stake.com") and press "enter" 3) You will get something like this as answer: C:\Users\User>ping stake.com Pinging stake.com [] with 32 bytes of d Reply from bytes=32 time=13ms TTL=244 Reply from bytes=32 time=11ms TTL=244 Reply from bytes=32 time=11ms TTL=244 Reply from bytes=32 time=10ms TTL=244 Take note of the IP address (in this case is ----------------------- Now you must to edit the HOSTS file: 4) Go to: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc 5) Open "HOSTS" file (open with notepad or download notepadd++) 6) Add these lines at the end of the file: stake.com www.stake.com 7) Save. ================= Explanation: The HOSTS file redirects the domain to an IP address (DNS servers). When the ISP block a website, they "unlink" the domain, so, when you write "stake.com" you are redirected to nothing or to a new website made by your ISP. Editing your HOSTS file translate the domain in your computer, so instead of using your ISP to translate the address to an IP, you use your own computer. BUT BEWARE, don't trust on IPS/HOSTS/REdirections written by unknown people (like me in this thread) because they can redirect you to a clon/malicious website and stole your data. ALWAYS follow ALL STEPS of the tutorial (checking yourself the IP address of a website). Anyway, I'm sharing the IPs from other gambling websites: stake.com www.stake.com primedice.com www.primedice.com
  22. Si usan el cliente de Bitcoin o Electrum o cualquier otra que guarde la billetera en la PC es completamente anónimo. Incluso si ustedes con nombre y apellido publicaran su dirección de bitcoin a otra persona en internet, Hacienda podría saber cuánto dinero tienen en ESA dirección pero no en las demás, así que cambiando de dirección por cada cobro hacen imposible que sepan cuantos bitcoin tienen en total.