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  1. Chinesegandalf


    If you lucky you'll get it in less than 100 rolls if you not you might rolls more than that.
  2. Username: ChineseGandalf Thanks for the giveaway
  3. Username: chinesegandalf Heard the launch and in makin of this site from primedice.
  4. Nice straight flush hit. Keep it up! Username: chinesegandalf
  5. I want to change my nick too. To match with my primedice name.
  6. ChineseGandalf# 4731
  7. Hello Ed, My username: chinesegandalf Thanks!
  8. Come on put in bieber song Username: Chinesegandalf Thabks!
  9. hello , im newbie here , please be nice with me. nice to know all of you.
  10. Stake username:ChinesegandalfBet amount:0.00008Bet ID:blackjack:103,844
  11. your team and founders are the best for making online bitcoin casino , this is the biggest step ahead of all bitcoin casino we already have. maybe make some lite version pvp poker?
  12. person v person poker would be fun to have here, or maybe some good quality or licensed slot game would be great to be install in this new casino. what say you?