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  1. I also change sometimes it looks to me as if it doesn't matter sometimes it looks as if it matters.
  2. A giveaway could be for those facebook users who run some facebook groups and can promote posts of stake in their own groups or other groups. 1000 satoshi for each unique post. How was the idea?
  3. So we can send tips as lows as 0.1 $.
  4. Sorry, but its not a good decision to take loan for gambling. You can take loan for some business where guarantee of returns is high.
  5. Hello Friends, How frequently do you change seeds?
  6. Nice video bro. It definitely teaches me something new.
  7. Just Awesome, 18 cents to 13,000$. I can only dream it.
  8. Dice is the only game that I like most. It is easy to understand, easy to win and easy to recover also.
  9. bloggerscoin

    Dice Win

    Congrats bro, you made a good one. Thumbs up for sharing.
  10. For me any strategy is best as long as you do not play it for more than 15 minutes contiuously.
  11. Yes I was also looking for an answer of this question exactly. If win chance could be 99.99 then we can wager $5000-$6000 easily with just $5-6.
  12. Affiliate commission has not earned me good profit, neither in gambling sites nor in any freelancing site.
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