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  1. Surely friend, I will try your strategy with 100 K litoshis.
  2. Yea he is saying if your 1000 $ wager ends Friday then if you again start wagering for rain then you need to wager fresh $1000 again to start getting rains now your previous 6 days wager may not count. Am I right?
  3. If I win Lambo I will sell it and buy a car that is most suitable for my city and for the remaining amount I will buy a new home. 5% of it I will still keep it for gambling and will start rushing to platinum asap. For the remaining, I will keep that safely and I have not decided yet whether I will use it for myself or donate. I will do whatever comes up. If I win smaller amount I will pay 50% of it for my necessary bills and the remaining amount I will use in gambling.
  4. OK, I have also submitted verification and hope I will get more now. Also I hope Stake will never ban India and India will also not ban online gambling so my account stays there always.
  5. I play non stop and this is my weakness I think. I have observed that when I stop for sometime after making profit and keep on changing strategies, I can easily make 10 x of initial amount I started betting with.
  6. Thanks for your tips but I mostly place dice and interested to learn tips on dice. What is your best strategy for dice?
  7. Hello Everyone, What is your choice autobet or manual? I play on autobet and I play manually also. I get big profits in manual mode and I also get big losses. Playing on autobet also gives losses but in beginning say 80-100 rolls it is easier to turn loss into profit. Although autobet gives profit in beginning but you cannot continue making profit for longer time. You will lose your balance if you are playing longer in autobet. What is your choice autobet or manual? Please share your experiences. Thank You
  8. But in beginning you will have to depo something to get start. You need $1000 wager if you wish to start rain.
  9. Congrats for getting Bronze and good luck to get Silver soon. I am also in the road to get Silver and I have achieved approx 12%. I plan to get Gold till December end. Let's see how much I can achieve.
  10. I guess its easy to get 10000 x on Limbo than in other games but increase your bets slowly. Try rolling with 0 bets in the beginning and if this win comes once then don't expect this to hit sooner again.
  11. Try martingale but do not try going for profit of more than 2.5% in one go. Keep switching sides and try to get more greens always.
  12. Thanks for the tips. I can choose your Limbo strategy.
  13. Play 2 X roll with 0 bets, observe which side is giving more greens, switch to that side with 0.025% bet size and 120% increase on loss. Keep switching sides and stop after you gain 2.5% and you can repeat this 3-4 times a day. Risk is always there in Gambling in any strategy you choose but this I can say has minimum.
  14. Its great. I am there following you in your stream.
  15. Congrats for this big win. Its very good profit.
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