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  1. gideonsz Good luck everyone WHITE
  2. gideonsz What the heck is Milrive?? good luck!
  3. Stake username: gideonsz Sweet Bonanza
  4. Depends on your income, mostly it's as worth as gambling itself, but, plus the house edge - you also pay the fee for the loan.
  5. I think soccer since it's pretty much straight forward, that's how I like my gambling.
  6. Definitely not a good investment. many of the people involved in creating it are known scammers.
  7. Since many people are out of work and getting govt checks this situation will bring many people into gambling. not a good news for humanity but great news for admins.
  8. Honestly I predict it will crash completely in ~ 5 years. It has no future.
  9. Wow it has been known as a major scam for years, please don't spread this cancer anywhere. Google it.
  10. If you don't want maximum security of runningyour own node then Electrum is the safest.
  11. You can't really save money in altcoins, long term investment in crypto was always BTC
  12. gideonsz


    Hi, where is a table that shows the value of hits in slots? thanks
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