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  1. hello i would like create a topic on streaming session but im not allowed, any help is apreciated i wanna restart my twitch streaming on stake i feel its the right casino for it
  2. was always the best stream bro thanks again ❤️
  3. best stream ever, i try be in all streams was often i can ❤️ thanks for bring us such a good content.. i feel a friend on you.. you so kind guy ❤️
  4. Simplemath

    good luck

    Hey guys good afternoon My name is Simplemath, ,i complain but tonight win a litle from my deposit so im a bit more happy with stake by the way there is the video, Happy Birthday stake.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8kx0K9oHkk
  5. i love your stream and they away you are.. i can feel you was a friend without knowing you.. amazing guy, nice to meet you bro ❤️
  6. last month playing hard 24h a day and sleep 6 or 8 i love stake
  7. i need 10 post thanks for the help of allow me to spam ya good luck bro on ur winnings
  8. good luck for next time i need 10 posts lol
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