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  1. Everybody knows that casinos have a house edge, however, this is often overlooked by many players and they often unknowingly decrease their own odds by making certain mistakes while trying to profit or wagering. Thus, in this guide, i will be listing out tips to help cut your losses and increase your profitability in the long run. All tips applies to all casino games in Stake.com. 1. Organising your bankroll / bets More often than not, when people are trying to make a quick buck or tilt betting, they often bet a quarter, half or even the whole of their bankroll at once ( any odds ),
  2. Personally, I discovered crypto and its uses back 2 years ago when BTC was still worth around 5k USD. Since then, I've never really used it for investments, instead, I treated it as an actual currency and used for all of my online transactions dealing with CSGO skins, ever since I've also used it as my main gambling balance and avoided other sites like Roobet which converts your BTC or ETH into USD, mostly preferring sites which retains the crypto amount as your balance (E.g Stake). But I'm interested in YOUR stories, please type them down below and feel free to ask me any other question
  3. Wouldn't it be cool if Stake3 added up to 3 Blackjack hands per bet?🤔
  4. In this guide, i will be going over the many different styles/methods/strategies for the gamemode of 'DICE' on Stake.com. *All listed strategies can be altered in any way as long as they fulfil the math/formula. First Strategy: Low volatility Pros: Extremely good for wager, Low risk Cons: Constant loss of funds is almost guaranteed This method is most commonly used to raise their wager in short period of time, and is most often done during stake races. However, using this method is not very viable for people with smaller starting amounts as people who wager and lose mu
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