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  1. Playing on desktop has always been better for me, but I live on my phone so mobile wins automatically. (After typing this and rereading, I realize it makes zero sense...but hey, neither does my betting strategies 😣)
  2. Agreed. My first 30 rolls of Samurai slots were 0.00x. Literally lost 30 times in a row, not even a penny back. I'll stick to the Pharaoh slots
  3. If i started following your sports tips, I'm 100% sure, that day, your tips would be utterly useless. I jinx bets the second i hit "Place Bet". Good Luck
  4. Wtf, please baby Jesus let me hit something this amazing 🙏 😭 😫 😩
  5. This is awesome. One day I will wager 1000 sat's non stop until I hit 1 mil x
  6. I like betting the columns. Bet 2 of the columns and then martingale a few times. Works out at first but I usually stop after I win a little because the losses are limitless when a cold streak happens
  7. Awesome breakdown. Ty, I'll be Diamond within the next 20 years!
  8. Gantz: 0, The Old Guard, Lucifer (All seasons) - All on Netflix!
  9. I am an avid Martingle bettor. I have bet this way for too long to count. It has never ended well. The most unlikely things always seem to happen whether online or betting live. If you refuse to listen and choose to try this anyway, only use Martingle a few times per session or wait until the trend has already started before you dive in. My advice is to not even start.
  10. There really isn't a better site from what I can see. Stake is superior.