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  1. You're essentially asking for a refund on a bet that you started, whether purposefully or by accident. This is equivalent to playing at a live casino, playing single deck blackjack (where sometimes your cards are dealt face down), and then you tell the dealer "nevermind, I didn't look at my cards yet so please retract my bet." Facts are, just because this is an online casino, shouldn't give users the ability to cancel bets that they started. Some games like Live Roulette, Baccarat, or Blackjack have a timer to allow you to place bets and withdraw the bet. But after that timer is up, it s
  2. SetoKaiba Maybe one day I'll be Kermit and look out the window and see r.......oh nvm
  3. Stake Username: SetoKaiba Team Name : KaibaCorp
  4. Did you really just spend 30 minutes typing and preparing this Novella? The fact that you sat here, took the time to gather ALL this evidence, and break this "unjust mute" situation down like a car that malfunctions; shows us all Andrija was right. You were, and likely still are triggered and need time to cool off. You should study law and become a prosecutor, cause this was put together nicely, even though it doesn't say sheeiiiitt. Sorry 🤷🏽‍♂️
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