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  1. XRP and trx for gambling, long term ? i'd hold btc.
  2. i'd say 20k by end of year and more than double that by 2022. I doubt it will drop below 10k now and 20k will be the next point it fluctuates around.
  3. I wanted to buy into YFI and YFII when I first stumbled across it whilst learning of what defi is, I didn't have the bankroll to go ahead with it at the time unfortunately and it absolutely exploded. be nice to know of any reliable ones in the future from those with more knowledge.
  4. Audioslave - Like a stone.
  5. pretty much anything electronic, otherwise it's nu-metal or rap dependant on mood
  6. shawshank the basketball diaries blow
  7. Jake Gyllenhaal, quite surprising seeing how much of a film fanatic I am. There's just something about the way the dude acts.
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