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  1. plinko low 9, 0.50c hits - if it losses more than $50, recover with dice or your fav method and continue.
  2. where can we find what place we ended up in at the end ? sorry for the noob question. would hate to find out I or someone else missed out on a thousand dollars.
  3. A few days too late for two challenges involving high multi wins of 5 cent bb & another where you had to match the number for a bonus. Still good to see something finally land, i've spent over a hundred thousand or two spins in the last month and nothing till this. The thing I done differently was change seed after one gave me two free spins close together or if the board was hitting ridiculous numbers but no 3x scarabs to be seen, worked wonders - I found after switching seed I would hit a bonus in 10-30 spins. In before : this bet is peanuts. πŸ˜…
  4. Leicester 1-1 Liverpool Crystal Palace 1-0 Burnley Man City 2-0 Spurs Brighton 1-1 Aston Villa Southampton 0-1 Wolves West Brom 0-2 Man Utd Arsenal 1-0 Leeds Everton 2-1 Fulham West Ham 0-1 Sheffield Utd Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle Burnley 1-1 Fulham Everton 1-2 Man City Man city vs Spurs - First goal - 26 minutes Stake Username : goouttoblowout
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