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  1. I mean it's a pretty common practice to limit winning bettors and let the losing bettors keep playing, thats how casinos and sportsbooks make their profit, but I don't think I have profited enough to be warranted being limited.
  2. Hi, I'm a gold VIP member with a winning record who used to be able to bet 0.05 btc on esports matches, but I noticed that as I have gotten limited recently, and that sometimes I can't even bet 0.001 btc on Tier 1 esport matches that other people are able to bet 1btc on. Can an admin explain why my limits are so low? I know that books usually limit people with overall profits but mine aren't even that big, only $1000. I have also asked supports multiple times and they said they can't do anything about it. Edit: OK I asked for my overall profits for only sports excluding casino
  3. Defintely braised pork belly google that shit
  4. 2 negatives makes a positive
  5. Not really, it's a stablecoin and the map of the future doens't look that great
  6. Esports if you're good at analyzing live Mainstream sports defintely not the place though, they have the lines locked down
  7. not really a point on speculating these type of coins
  8. coinbase, you can sell directly to your paypal as well
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