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  1. these seem like pretty decent tips, but im quite a noob in the area so who knows
  2. i think the highest i got was like 48x lol
  3. yea, i think breaks are good no matter the circumstance. everything in moderation
  4. i definitely prefer desktop. i just dont have enough room to play stake games on mobile imo. and i use a iphone 11 pro max lol
  5. i like the original stake slots, the scarab spin. i think it gives better payouts by far
  6. Well, i wasnt around much for the previous iterations of Stake. I created my account i guess during Stake 2(?) and then never used it until about a week before you added live games and stuff. But man its been fun since i got access to those. Before if i wanted live blackjack i had to go to Roobet (ew)
  7. I've only gotten as high as 50x(ish) on hilo
  8. I think it's a good investment depending on what type of investment you're looking for.
  9. I think there has been a huge increase in online casino traffic due to covid and quarantine
  10. I think the top is 65-70 cents but no higher