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  1. keep acting like a spoiled brat it's really bringing out the good side of you...
  2. You people do realize that you aren't entitled to giveaways and free money? This is a casino, a business. If a support gets a tip and he chooses to tip random* players whom he deems deserving. That's a business tactic. Stake doesn't give away money because they're 'kind' or 'generous' they do it as a business move. It's called player retention. You are mad because you didn't get a tip from staff? Tough luck. At least staff acknowledges us. I play on a site where there is ONE staff member (the admin) and he's on once a day IF that. So be grateful you have such a near personal relationship with
  3. these seem like pretty decent tips, but im quite a noob in the area so who knows
  4. i think the highest i got was like 48x lol
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