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  1. SLOTS: 27,639,624,492 placed by bastix12 on 11/08/2020 Wagered 0.39000000 Multiplier 111.15x Profit 42.95850000
  2. Hello guys, spanish and english , the community we all do.
  3. Daily, I ended up losing 10 minutes or hours.
  4. really yes but those who come with profit are few.
  5. it is a casino men, obviously you need people who have money and you are forgiven, I don't know if it is really bad but it is the reality is a CASINO
  6. never play with someone else's money, because this is how gambling addicts play, play with your money and have fun
  7. I find it good, it is a casino after all, go to a face-to-face and they won't give you a ball.
  8. work earning passive money and traveling the world
  9. they will always be and there will always be victims until there is a culture and education.
  10. 1.25 in limbo and rotated to DICE...
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