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  1. Here is no bonus for below bronze level but reload is every month. It's depends on your last month weger.
  2. Here is no pm options so no scammers and if they will ask in chat than getting hammered soon.
  3. I will prefer Samurai slots it's new and 1000+payout on it.
  4. Pc is better than mobile because we can chat and betting in same time on pc.
  5. Askin for lone is not allowed in any site so its a muteable offens if mod or support will se they will mute you.
  6. Stake 3 is good but to dificult to run.

    10k ball

    Its a random no one knows when it will come its all about luck if you are lucky you can get in your first roll as you said and if you are not than 10k+ roll is nothing .
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