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  1. Not bad bro i like that music ahhahahaaha gl bro
  2. I think is true bro but is hard to find a good client seed but is amazing somtimes to win big
  3. My favorite is pizza with cocacola and cake with a loo off chocolate
  4. I use I phone 7 with safari sometimes and zte blade v770 and uses chrome. I haven't encountered any problem with both but it's kinda annoying that I have to check on the "bets" tab to know it's bet ID during
  5. You can choose hourly if you got time to claim once per hour, but some don't have time for that so they'll go for one claim per day which is quite convenient. But I think hourly would give you better accumulated amount than the daily one.
  6. In my opinion, the website definitely looks much better, also the original stake games, especially plinko, have a better visualization. Introducing other slot providers was definitely a great idea that should attract even more players to stake.
  7. Be carful scemers are everywhere bro look to ho are you talking
  8. Xtine you have got some great ideas sweetheart. I think we used to have something like the team one? Anyway I have a few idea's like the "bmg game"that i used to play in chat but in a giveaway verson ill have to think
  9. I really not play in real casino even I not seen real casino in my life because in my country casino gambling not allowed I just play online
  10. I prefer not to buy insurance, but sometimes I just accidentally accepting it, if playing on mobile, as it just pops
  11. I don t think darkweb is safe i watch a movie the darkweb did sow many bad things to them
  12. Stake238

    DIce Strat 2020

    1.01x if i get more than 50 greens the play opposite (ie 1.01 > then under 2 ) will get green in next 50 bet made a lot if you do not get green then stop
  13. Is same bro like in pc like in mobile you just need to be luck i wined big from mobile trust me
  14. Nice version i love it 😍😍πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ˜
  15. This is a great story..thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading. But as said, i think, any form of Martingale is bound to leave u busted
  16. I play dice 1.01x with my 2% off balance till i lose it all
  17. My only idea is something like a capcher that pops up on the site random and people can claim it and get something. So only active people get it. Try it 😍πŸ₯°
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