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  1. oli001r

    About poker

    Yes it would be really fun.
  2. Well i was going to apply, but LimboWhore deserves it more than me! cheers oli001r!
  3. erdir001 nfl username oli001r stake user
  4. Hey there in the future, This is a letter from your younger self. Well, first of all if you are reading this it means you are alive and that is an achievement! Well, hopefully you finished school and studies and you got a job now. Are you married yet ? How's going with the gambling, any good hit lately haha! I always have dreamed about having a family, making everybody happy around me and doing everything for the family, hopefully that hasn't changed and your mind things the same. I am over 98 kg's and 1 m 84, luckily by then we got fit. Do you still go to your psychologist?
  5. sport:2900211 **** Idk if it say hidden for u guys but in my account it says that everything is public! Idk whats wrong
  6. stake name : oli001r team name : oli001r
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