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  1. Hi Dan After slide bet, { "data": { "multiplayerSlideBet": { "id": "c39998e0-1e8e-4a1f-83cd-ebb1377eb347", "gameId": "5c0cc81b-7be1-465b-b693-4455c8872cbc", "currency": "xrp", "result": "pending", "payoutMultiplier": 0, "payout": 0, "cashoutAt": 2, "search": null } } } result is pending => how can i get it? value => do not permission I'd to to get result của slide bet to decide to next bet. Could you please give me advice in the case? Thanks alot for your help.
  2. I'm from Vietnam, with best dangerous beter in the world😆
  3. 16 match for parlay. If win it would like to get jackpot😆
  4. i suggest claim once for all bonus. That will be great!😁 @Dan: could you please consider it?😜
  5. @Dan: because api document can't public. Can you answer all questions about api in there so developer can use it for coding? Please check post #228. Thank you.
  6. if then, dark is best choice. Please switch to last version (dark mode)
  7. Hi everybody May i have api to bet slide game, please? Thanks alot for your help
  8. Yes, dark forum background is comfortable for me😆 @Dan: can please consider the the request asap?
  9. May i know rate of dice 1.01? Can we wager 100x balance?
  10. I found them: mutation { diceRoll(amount: 1, target: 50, condition: above, currency: doge) { id payout amountMultiplier payoutMultiplier createdAt nonce } } query { bet(betId: "c793a7c7-d537-4824-908a-6f23925c4489") { bet { ... on CasinoBet { state { ... on CasinoGameDice { result } } } } } } First query to get id. Second query to use id for get result of bet. Thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate it.
  11. Could you give more detail about it? I read all topic but don't find these queries. Thanks alot for your help
  12. I'm using the api the get result of dice game. I'd like to get last result after dice. But with the api, we can't get correct result when dice continuously. It's only update after about 10s -> 15s. @everyone: do you have to any solution to get result instantly after dice (in case dice continously)? I need to know result of last roll to decide the next bet. Thanks alot for your help
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