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  2. @Nevena I really can't believe that your favorite actor is Paul Walker (Honestly when I saw this topic I thought you are gonna say someone else's name). He is my favorite actor too but when I heard that he died in a car accident my heart was broken 🙁. He will always be my favorite actor and I miss him.
  3. Stake: CryptoDino Team name: BurekSaSirom
  4. My dream job is to become a full stack developer and to find a good company.
  5. Scarab definitely because its first slot ever released on Stake and It pays more.
  6. Samsung Galaxy A41. No lags and everything works fine but I use my PC because It's faster especially when I'm wagering.
  7. My first contact with casino was in 2016. In that year CSGO gambling was very popular and I busted all my money(skins) and that's how I started my gambling career. All CSGO sites were closed 2018 because of Valve and almost all sites are back and now they have crypto withdraw/deposits which is much better than skins.
  8. PUBG is dead these months Fortnite too because new games are coming up, but I would say PUBG because It's more realistic.
  9. Dogs and Cats, I had both of them and they both died
  10. I like more old slots, new slots are not paying enough.
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