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  1. plss make it happen
  2. Ardiejade16 Goodluck 😄😄
  3. Whats your favorite nba team? And why?
  4. What is your dice winning strategy? Can you share it?
  5. Where did you spend your christmas? Can you tell it?
  6. are you upset if theres a cheater in your game?
  7. i always play on laptop, because i cant chat and multi task on mobile phones
  8. as on your live stats, your bet and strategy was wrong
  9. if you want a slowly but surely win, try this strategy, 5.21 multiplier, Base Balance 10k doge, Base bet 0.005 doge The Strategy is in the pic thank me Later ❤️❤️
  10. can XRP hit 1$ before the end of the 2020? im wondering if i buy xrp now will the price go high or down?
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