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  1. Takuya Hope you get profit today edd!! 🔥🔥🔥
  2. Username: Takuya Go edd, profit way this day!!
  3. 1. 12 Angry Men 2. Incendies 3. Oldboy 3 best film
  4. Once upon a time, I had reached the minimum withdrawal. I thought for a moment to play fun dice payout 2, and then I did all in. and it turned out that my withdrawal was only a dream
  5. Wow nice but in 16.5k roll is so long long long time 😂
  6. Takuya

    10k ball

    My hit just pin 15 never on pin 16 bro
  7. I will try soon bro, thanks!
  8. I hit 7/7 full bro, never happen again maybe
  9. Im do 9 tiles, but if in 30 roll i found 2 6/9 i change to 8 tiles
  10. Thanks for guide! Hope soon i getting vip
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