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  1. I'm actually beginner when it comes to gambling yet i feel that stake has given every possible mean to serve and satisfy my gambling needs.
  2. I prefer slots but, its really your lucky day, no question whether slots or keno. You'll win no matter what..
  3. Dice would be decent as well as Limbo, 1.01x then you can make a huge wager.
  4. It will. Just sit back and enjoy stake
  5. Most of the time I guess Fighting over greed is hard. Teasing and giving you a false hope (win) for you to be broke..
  6. Hey! I'm new here but I didn't experience some bad treatments here. I thank you for always there guiding and answering our calls. Thanks!
  7. Hey dude. I feel you, seems like there's always a favoritism or auto pick for rain though. Still, let's just sit and enjoy the stake. More luck to you buddy!
  8. Quitting is hard but if you have made up your mind, that's a another thing that we will respect. I think you just need some space to think and reminisce the past doing gambling. Have fun playing. Well, I will quit also when I am ready
  9. Thanks for sharing that beautiful hit. We never know when was the hit comes, but when we hit that jackpot, the next enemy is the greed. Making us keep going until losing all the winning. Good luck be with with
  10. The founder of the BTC was the worlds richest bitcoin owner, I think
  11. I love stake to be honest. Decent web and giving more to the stakers what they deserved.
  12. Just follow them even if we don't actually knows whats the rules. Go fast upgrade to silver VIP noah
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