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  1. Bitcoin
    Papatoy got a reaction from Caterpillar40 in Are you satisfied with Stake?   
    I love stake to be honest. Decent web and giving more to the stakers what they deserved. 
  2. Payday
    Papatoy reacted to lespauls19 in OMG Hit a 1,000x Plinko Live for $4k (Clip)   
  3. Haha
    Papatoy reacted to Hoffguy in Begging for money.   
    Yeah happens a lot lol. I don't usually report I feel bad, it's like reporting a little ant in the street or something haha. 
    But usually they just get muted by others anyway lol. 
    Here is two that were kind of blatent!

    But this one of the funniest i think haha , start by calling bro!
    then offers nudes.... 
    then just reverts to plain old 'spam' hahaha. 
    Sometimes when you catch up with your chat logs it's just so funny you feel like you owe them money for making you laugh so much

  4. Sad
    Papatoy reacted to ozcelik06 in Begging for money.   
    When you win, everyone becomes your friend, and when you lose, you are alone. facts of life.
  5. Haha
    Papatoy reacted to mhayjhai in Stake is fun :)   
    once upon a time..i have 550xrp on stake..then i enjoy playing dice..in a end..im raped..lol
  6. Haha
    Papatoy reacted to Tanisha2018 in Stake is fun :)   
    Funny story of stake, actually not so funny a bit painful one but yeah funny for u all.
    "Once playing Dice with 1.01X payout and increase on loss by 200% .
    After sometimes i chnaged the payout to 100X but unable to change inctease on loss as i forget and ripped  0.01 btc in some second 
  7. Love
    Papatoy reacted to Zamia2001 in Wager game   
    i use dice 1.10x..for long play it bust. took me 4 straight reds damn..  wanna try 1.01x to increase my wager just a little more careful coz you all say no perfect or best strategy maybe chance and luck.
  8. Love
    Papatoy reacted to Zamia2001 in Stake Montly Bonus   
    no comment.i'm not yet VIP. what i just want to say is you're  lucky you have all the bonuses..daily, weekly and monthly.
    how i wish i  have too... and if that time comes.. whatever it will be 10mins, daily or once for me..
  9. Love
    Papatoy reacted to Zamia2001 in My simple Dice strategy - big potential   
    Thank you for sharing your dice strats... i may try one of them..
  10. Thanks
    Papatoy got a reaction from Chagidudey in Betting tips for newbies   
    Thanks. It's a good advice.
  11. Haha
    Papatoy got a reaction from Zamia2001 in Does any one have the same issue?   
    Most of the time I guess

    Fighting over greed is hard. Teasing and giving you a false hope (win) for you to be broke..  
  12. Love
    Papatoy reacted to Zamia2001 in Does any one have the same issue?   
    It just mean that no one winning in the long run.  i read on chat they say...if win cashout and run...come back again sometimes...i think you're just overconfident that playing more with higher bet will win more....i'm sorry to hear you lost... play smarter and careful next time. @catsforlive
  13. Haha
    Papatoy reacted to joedol in I've been muted ... but that's not all   
    So this is what salty level 100 looks like 
  14. Love
    Papatoy reacted to Zamia2001 in I've been muted ... but that's not all   
    I have some concerns too but thinkin if i raised it...might say rules is rules... 
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