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  1. scaryhamid GL Everyone! purple
  2. scaryhamid morgana Gl Everyone!
  3. Hope win This time! scaryhamid Doghouse
  4. Hello, welcome to StakeXXD
  5. Nope, and i dont think its going to give one to me!
  6. Dogs perhaps, personally i think they are really smarter and its more fun to play with them.
  7. sport betting is not fun tbh... and you cant predict matches all the time so...
  8. not tbh... i dont care about it so much, its just for fun!
  9. Donno men... tbh dont have one! i just like a lot of foods....
  10. Like putting 24/7 autto betting on dice, but also play some limbo or other stake originals... but still dice is the best for me!
  11. scaryhamid

    Plinko 1000x

    Played some plinko lately, but i dont think its that good... it doesnt pay that much!
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