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  1. In Stake.com, I would like to play a hypnotic, memorable, classic ... coin pusher game! It would be fantastic ..Original or a non-original Stake would be fine too. I also propose a non-original Stake Plinko If you agree, let me hear!
  2. Burnley 0:3 Everton Manchester City 3:0 Fulham West Ham 1:2 Manchester United Chelsea 3:2 Leeds West Brom 0:0 Crystal Palace Sheffield United 1:2 Leicester Tottenham 2:0 Arsenal Liverpool 2:0 Wolves Brighton 0:1 Southampton Tiebreaker: 40 min
  3. On Limbo (mid/high risk) on win -30 % on lose +60 % Payout 2x When the bet became small stop and bet in the middle of your dudget. You can also try payout 1,30 or 1,20 on win -20 % on lose +100 %
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