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  1. Im going to post every bet with photos
  2. I have a plan with 10 level of seccuity in bets, every level is 1% more of the bank in my bets and i have a bank of 1000 usd. I do normal bets but now im going to use these bets and get the bests and do the challengue . Im not english sorry if you dont understand, if you want me to explain again and better just say it
  3. It wont be just 1 bet, illl try to do some bets. By the way, thanks.
  4. Hope it is, thanks for the motivation
  5. Mostly football in stake and ill also share other bets in basketball from other sites (no stake)
  6. Today I created an account called generodinero and I deposited 10 usd with the goal of reaching 500usd. I am going to do the challenge only with sports bets and I will share all of them here. If someone wants to follow the challenge with me and follow the bets, they can post them in the comments. If we reach it ill give $250 to one of the comments Good Luck! Day 1 Balance 10$ sport:7931342 sport:7931338
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