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  1. I only play Pragmatic, tried No Limit City and it disappointing but for Pragmatic is love/hate r/s
  2. casino:28874256895 casino:28874256473 casino:28874256059
  3. cZs


    CSGO player here. Betting skin era was the greatest.
  4. Currently watching The Boys. Really love the concept.
  5. XRP has huge potential but it won't reach high price due to its quantity.
  6. You reveal the secret but you didn't tell us how to unlock it.
  7. OMG gratz and LOL the sound of you blowing when it drop. Damn makes me wanna play plinko now.
  8. Gambling is a form of entertainment, most people lose more than win. Just remember to only lose what you can. Don't go overboard, just quit when you get your emotion over it.
  9. Blue Samurai is just aesthetic never really hit a big payout even on free spin.
  10. XRP but due to the high quantity, the price is relative low but the usage of xrp is better.
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