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  1. Grat shaniqua you is a hot chick for sure now. I cmpletely read the post wrong @shaniqua and because of that my comment may have made no sense sorry.
  2. I won 2 of $10 give aways and 1 of the $2 give aways so far
  3. Bigmann23

    How i play plinko

    Will try it let and you know how it goes
  4. Bigmann23

    Challenge payouts

    I didnt do them so no i did not
  5. Bigmann23

    Do you ......

    Most times yes. Its the same as taking a book to read only better.
  6. Bigmann23

    Discord : do you use it?

    Im not to familure with disscord i dont see much point in it i mean i chat while i gamble but not really any where else. So for me it just kinda slows my gambling down which is a good and bad thing for me lol.
  7. The support team hear at stake is by far the best out there but the new user are filling the site daily. Before long it may become to much for even the best support team on earth. So if you guys could start tranning new support now and make sure they are every bit as good as you all are.
  8. Bigmann23

    Dan is the forum Man

    Dan thank you and also wheres my money Dan? lol
  9. Bigmann23

    How are you controlling yourself?

    LOL im a gambler i have no self control unless you count bmg and most times she cant stop me.
  10. Bigmann23

    Variable speed option for wheel: Suggestion

    this is an option i would like to see on every game.
  11. True bmg he made mode money from thin air with no central bank or solid material to back it. Thats like finding the goose that lays the golden egg.
  12. Bigmann23


    there is 1 BTC atm in our city yes i use it and it is very easy and convent. would never use a online site to purchase BTC again.
  13. Bigmann23

    Slot game in Stake?

    would love to see a slot game here those are one of my favorits
  14. Bigmann23

    Real Life Pictures

    The beautiful ladies in the pics with me are Bmg and our little princess
  15. Bigmann23

    Is there even strategy on chartbet?

    just hope and pray then get pissed when after 1000 it goes no where and never play it again for a week any ways.