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  1. Bigmann23

    [Closed] Be my Valentine giveaway!

    @bmg because she the most beautiful girl in the world
  2. Bigmann23

    Crypto Games Conference 2019

    Deffintly intrested to know what advances will be made when everyone comes together on this.
  3. Bigmann23

    Fantasy Trader, do you miss it too?

    i only enterd fantasy trader one time i think and i did pretty well at it finshed in the top ten. i think it was a cool fun challange and would like to see it again for sure.
  4. Bigmann23

    Chasing x1m plus!

    Its just luck theres no way to say when it will happen. My personal biggest is 1 btc hit on plinko dropped .001 btc and hit 1000x.
  5. Bigmann23

    Display bet and balance in USD

    I find it just odd that US players are not allowed to play here but every one still wants to know what thier coin is worth in USD. What does it matter what a coins worth is in a currancy of a country that is not allowed on the site.
  6. Bigmann23

    Should a Stable Coin be Added to Stake?

    I think the ustability is just a part of crypto gambling its part of the fun. If i wanted a stable coin type i would gamble a government currancy not crypto currancy.
  7. Crypto currancy is the way of the future it will not ever die just getting started.
  8. Btc was just under $700 when i first found it and not a day goes by that i dont think if only i had held what i had then where could i be now
  9. that last rise and the hard fall after left a lot of people thinking it would happen again soon and when it didnt i think a lot lost faith in btc but it will rise again if you just hold in there
  10. Bigmann23

    Hating Baccarat.

    I am a fan of high pay outs and games like Baccarat and diamond poker just dont have high enough pay out to keep me from getting bored.
  11. i dont get the point in the clubs have not seen any thing that would benifit any one in joing them
  12. Bigmann23

    How has your luck been with auto betting?

    auto bet on my computer is the only way i use it. every time i try to use it from my phone it just goes bad fast.
  13. Bigmann23

    How greed can affect friendships on Stake

    its okay kick every ones forgetting me lately bm23 is just a bad memory
  14. Bigmann23

    What Do Your Statistics Say?

    everything but doge is in the red but funny enough the doge profit is almost equal to the loss of all other coins
  15. Bigmann23

    What would you like to see in Stake 2.0?

    I would like to see more options on autobet mostly. Better mobile play would be great to.