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  1. Bigmann23

    How stake affect your emotional aspects

    stake can easily effect my emotional state it can bring me out of a dep depression in one win and just as easily drop me back in to a deoression with a single lose.
  2. Bigmann23

    Say your thanks to Stake's generosity.

    it truly does seem every time i think may be stakes forgetting its players or how we feel stake does something huge to let us know you appriciat us ty stake for for all the cool give aways.
  3. Bigmann23

    Stake Becoming Better?

    stake was great from the start. But every time theres an update it seems like for each new thing added we lose 2 of the good things we loved about stake. Some stuff just needs to be left alone it was already good if aint broke dont fix it.
  4. Bigmann23

    Stake Cafe Anyone?

    sounds great furl
  5. Bigmann23

    Do you keep up with your own topics?

    i dont know how anyone keeps track of anything on here. theres no real system that i can see for one to organize thier post and the searches give you everything yo were not looking for.
  6. Bigmann23

    Races - not so private

    There should be an opt-out opption at least i would think for those that dont want there names shown.
  7. Bigmann23

    Waiting between Tips?

    i have not hit this problem either may be you should check with support for the answer.
  8. Bigmann23

    Hitting the crypto jackpot

    i have gone from 100 satoshi to over 5 million and done it more than once your dream is obtainable dont ever give up on it and good luck
  9. Bigmann23

    Why do you tip people?

    I tip when i can with the thougt that it might help someone else that might be down on thier luck. Many times a random tip even a small one has taken me from broke to fire and it feels good to see that happen to someone else.
  10. Bigmann23

    On fire!

    fire is something i rarely see anymore. I used to catch it all the time but my lucks been to bad lately when it does find its way to me i think its something i would rather not have though. It is attention i just dont want anymore.
  11. to the good ones its mostly againg a lot of yelling obsinities and making sure bmg sees what i just hit being there to see each others wins makes them so much greater. but if not yelling just a silent smile across to one another says it all to my bigest win ever i will never forget that moment I just sitting out on out on our back patio smoking a cig waiting for bmg to come out there and join me as I do frequently I was betting way to high for the balance i had 0.001 plinko bets on high 16 with only .006 btc in my balance and it hit 1000x just as i stood bmg was wslking out the door to say she busted with a sad look on her face i i just handed her my phone and walked inside waiting for her to see i had just won $22,000 usd i was speechless the most i had and still have ever won in my life it took her a second the she started to cry and i just rapped my arms around her to be honest it brings tears to my eye remembering it now. we tipped out over $4,000 worth of bit coin then 2 or 3 hours later i had my biggest losses ever all that joy was gone when i lost all of it did not withdraw a single satoshi thats a moment i dont want talk about though so theres the biggest win and loss reactions i have ever had i still cant believe i won it.
  12. Bigmann23

    Too late for advent challenge day 1

    That sucks blue i kinda had worse expirance with day one. Most everyone knows my wife is bmg and since the begining here at stake its been excepted and allowed for us both to enter contest even though we often are on the same ip we had done enough to show we are 2 separet people so the alt rule didnt applyto us. But after completeing and posting the first day contest when the prizes were paid i suddenly was not eligable any more. Our accounts are connected and even though we have both been a part of this community from its start only one of us can post for a give awsy so we did not get to go for the prize this year. Just feels like Stake is losing that personal attention to its players that brought us here from the start.
  13. Theres no feeling in the world of gambling wores than busting. First you just want yell RIGGED and then a whole bunch F#@!s and other colorful words then the feeling of worthlessnes and failure sets in. Eventualy that all fades away and you except that well thats gambling i mean if we all one every time there would be no high feeling when you win that big bet. My mouse has taken a few trips across the room for sure but i have no crazy reaction to busting that was any differnt than the rest. If you want crazy reation ask about the ones i have when i win big those i have some differnt and crazy reaction to for sure.
  14. Bigmann23

    The fun Stake Support Staff

    i agree bmg support here was not just someone who you talked to when something went wrong. They where friends you knew and they knew you when you contacted support it was awesome to see the same persons name that you already knew from chat pop up and say hi it made you feel comfortable talking with a friend not some random person that was going to give you a scripted answer but instead a answer that helped it made you feel important
  15. Bigmann23

    Have you made good friends at Stake ?

    bmg and badger