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  1. Bigmann23 bobby11 told me about stake
  2. DICE: 4,364,940,584 placed by Bigmann23 on 09/04/2019 Wagered 0.00000000 Multiplier 450x Profit 0.00000000
  3. 38fAQ1ND9p1usVxr6gtkpr7VPc1S2wJj36 lets tyest it
  4. what a bull shit scam why does it even matter if you have multi accounts if you deposit and you are not using those accounts to defraud them then they need to pay you your winnings or at minimum refund your depo. Sounds like betchain is just a scam site now. sorry that happen badger any way we can help shut them down let us know.
  5. i so rarely play hi/lo i didnt even know this obtion existed think im going to check ig out now
  6. highest i have ever gotten was 8/10 long ago on classic keno. Its crazy to think no ones hit 10/10 by now something dont seem right
  7. The number of scam adds im sure makes it hard to allow crypto adds on social media without bad attention to the media sites
  8. They used us for minning once why not do it again
  9. truthfully i dont know of any where that takes btc as it is other than casinos. I would be cool to have places that take btc places that i shop for things at. If these places were better advertised it might help change peoples views of btc from some black market currency to what it really is the future of money.
  10. i turn it cash and spend on anything i need. i never store btc really im in it for the gambling not investing.
  11. Many times have i been stuck to my phone or laptop waiting until the last possible second to do what i have to do or leave for an appointment just hopping for one big win before i go.
  12. Never lower your bet. I would rather bust going for the win i want than drop my bet and suddenly hit it. This may not be the best method for everyone it brings me to bust more than wins but i never want to sit and think damn if only i went for it.
  13. i have only played the game a few times it just has no appeal to me