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  1. my greats memory at stake has to bet the night i won $20k on 1 plinko drop the larget dollar amount i have everyone on a single bet 🎊
  2. i dont think either one of you are understanding whats being said here. We understand why tipping in public while muted is not allowed people would and have spam tipped while muted just to be distruptive in chat so public tipping while muted should not be allowed. However private tipping does not in any way effect the chat no one except the the tipping and the reciveing person see that tip. The idea that a person would tip there alt to conitue chatting is ignorant a person could chat from there alt any ways there would be no reason they would need to tip an alt for this also if they did begin chatting from an alt mods would simply mute that alt and still the private tipping would have no effect on chat. As far as it being essential functionality of site yes it is the site wants happy users and gives us these options to keep players at stake otherwise we find a site that gives us what we want and we leave. Also am i to understand that you are now saying i am not a legit player on stake because i was muted in my opinion unfairly i feel extremly insulted by that comment. I have spent a large amount of money playing here on stake to be told i am not a legit player.
  3. i take stratigic breaks each time i bust
  4. omg i swear i think the same thing
  5. i get anxiety when plinkos playing me for sure
  6. Bigmann23 bobby11 told me about stake
  7. DICE: 4,364,940,584 placed by Bigmann23 on 09/04/2019 Wagered 0.00000000 Multiplier 450x Profit 0.00000000
  8. what a bull shit scam why does it even matter if you have multi accounts if you deposit and you are not using those accounts to defraud them then they need to pay you your winnings or at minimum refund your depo. Sounds like betchain is just a scam site now. sorry that happen badger any way we can help shut them down let us know.