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  1. Bigmann23 Joined on 8/4/2017 been a fun 4 years stake HAPPY BIRTHDAY YELLOW
  2. spoiled brat? please explain how am i acting as such?
  3. just another person only caring about sucking up to to who ever he thinks will benefit him the most to do so to. Talk about talk about pathetic read the post before you just ramble out shit. and this from a guy messaging me on tele asking me to ask my wife to hook him up
  4. your a good person ornie dont let this shit get you down. i been at stake since beta testing and recently noticed it seems like im not really wanted there any more. Not sure what i did but a few support members made it clear i had pissed them off some way or another and one very clearly stated that any attemp i made at a give away she was in charge of was pointless i would never be getting anything from her again. Sucks but it is what it is.
  5. Cool topic Bojana I often wonder how other users came up with their names. My username was created kind of as joke I'm a larger than average person 6 ft tall 230 lbs not the biggest in the world i know but still always been considered BIG by most around me my whole life. My last name is MANN I know a few of you just thought i couldn't spell or something lol but the 2nd N was not an accident. I always find it fun to tell people I have been a Mann since the day i was born. The number 23 is a lucky one for me it seems to be in good things for me all around my life. So that's where Bigmann23 came from.
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