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  1. x3 casino:28858301049 x4 casino:28858300624 x2 casino:28858300223
  2. nice strategy but i think you need a good balance too
  3. i havent bought anything what i do is to save it for educational funds.
  4. the pandemic helps our mother earth to regain and become healthy again.. that is the positive side of the pandemic and hoping that when its over the nature will still remain clean as we see it now.
  5. when the luck is not on my side i simply take a rest and come back the next day.
  6. i love maki and tacos .... and a cup of coffee
  7. no , they removed it due to scamming and loans. A player/s can easily ignore them if they really want too. just one click to the ignore button.
  8. at first i came here to play and kill my boredom and found out that i can also make some profit so i enjoyed it
  9. thinking how to make more profit because we are not allowed to go outside .
  10. im also using cph... trustwallet is also good
  11. i prefer the old slot.... i still dont get the samurai slot
  12. im also new here... :D
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