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  1. whenever I click on the beta link it says page does not exist, please help
  2. @Dijana Level up Bonuses (All Levels) VIP level-up bonuses are given out by either our support team or your VIP host every time you achieve a new VIP level. VIP level up bonuses take into account a base amount per level + extra depending on your recent gameplay. This means if you are not having much luck you will receive a bit extra on top of the base amount. Basically, you receive bonuses even if you're winning + even more if you're losing! Refer to your own site's VIP forum post
  3. .... Damn, that hurt I always got additional bonus even if profits. I don't know what that support saying
  4. 0$ minimum bet casino challenge? but not gogogamblers
  5. LordBeerus97 Lucky Color: Blue🤪
  6. You don't even have a VIP star besides your username. You wagered a million dollars in your dream or what? You're the one with ego and pride here bro. Who cant understand simple game rules
  7. Stake username: LordBeerus97 NFL team name: LordBeerus97
  8. Not complaining just suggestions or opinions
  9. LordBeerus97 Smaragdine Happy freedom ❤️
  10. I think its a skem, you can't stay awake 24 hours, so you're gonna miss a lot of loads in sleep. Rather give a lower single time load guys. You say 144x3 reloads but my ass someone can claim it all
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