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    Lord Beerus reacted to Edward in Eddie Weekend Stream + Giveaway   
    Eddie weekend stream
    Join me on live stream & ask me any questions about Stake or the gambling industry in general. Every 15 minutes I will also be running a giveaway - More information below. Today's stream will start at 12:30pm GMT.

    Link to stream: Twitch.tv/PrimeEdd

    How to enter the giveaway?

    Simply post your Stake username below! You'll need to ensure you have at least 10 posts. Also don't try to abuse this giveaway it'll lead to a perm ban regardless of who you are 🙈
    How are winners chosen?

    When you post on the forum you will be assigned both a page number & a post number. Every 15 minutes I will draw 2 random pages for each VIP host to choose winners from. Essentially you're hoping that I draw your page number on live stream & that the person assigned your page picks you as a winner! I will also draw 2 random post numbers. If your post number is drawn you will also win. 

    Want to increase your chances of winning?

    1. Stay tuned into the live stream for tips on how to edit your post to include certain information for a higher chance 😎
    2. Be super nice to your VIP host & don't give them a hard time 😂

    Giveaway prizes 

    Non VIP: $5
    Bronze: $10
    Silver: $20
    Gold: $30
    Platinum: $50
    Platinum 2: $60
    Platinum 3: $70
    Platinum 4: $80
    Platinum 5: $90
    Platinum 6: $100
    Diamond: $250

    Verified users will receive 2x more than non verified users. If you have not verified your account yet do so here https://stake.com/settings/verify
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    Lord Beerus got a reaction from Minaa in Movies to watch list? 🎬🍿   
    Watch IMDb top 20 movies bro. All are great
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    Lord Beerus reacted to Darko in [$2000] ​Happy New Year 🎉| Sports Challenge   
    Congrats to all the winners!
    You can claim prizes on the link below until the 26th of January:
    CLAIM HERE Make sure you are logged in to the proper account
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    Lord Beerus got a reaction from Darko in [$2000] ​Happy New Year 🎉| Sports Challenge   
    My stake username is LordBeerus97 (if required) not visible in screenshot
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    Lord Beerus got a reaction from Darko in [$2000] ​Happy New Year 🎉| Sports Challenge   

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    Lord Beerus reacted to Caelum in Champions League Bracket Competition ⚽🏆   
    Hey there fellow sports-lovers!!
    So I'm sure you've all heard that the UEFA Champions League is back! We're now down to the final 8 teams after Lyon shocked Juventus, Manchester City disposed of Real Madrid, Bayern thrashed Chelsea and Barcelona cruised past Napoli.
    Now, we have a set-in-stone bracket for the remaining Champions League matches, which will all be one-leg.
    In this challenge, the rules are simple. 
    Be the first to predict the bracket correctly (including the winner of the Final) and you will win a very special prize! We will organise the prize once/if a winner has been crowned.
    You can find a template bracket here:

    A couple of rules:
    1. This topic will lock as soon as the first quarter final (Atalanta vs PSG) starts on Wednesday.
    2. Only one guess is allowed per user. You may change your prediction as many times as you like before the topic locks, but if you are found to have more than one post on this topic by that time, you are disqualified.
    3. Please save that template and use it in your guess. You can even use Paint and type in the team names in the unfilled boxes. For the winner of the Final, all you need to do is make it obvious enough for us to know who you think wins. Whether that's circling the team's name in the Final or just writing it in the corner of the image.
    4. If more than one person gets it correct, the winner will be the person who submitted their guess first.
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